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  1. Purple stems, light brown/yellowish tinges not always a big deal with seedlings adjusting to the world and sometimes it shows
  2. Great job on the gum. Almost ww like hairs. premium medicine
  3. Oh yea my bad not tryin to steal anyones thunder. once i get the males separated i'll maybe post a grow journal
  4. Well no doubt that blue is definitely the way to go in veg. the plants actually grew towards the center where those 2 are meaning they recognized that end of the spectrum more. the main stem also immediately thickened up within days after putting those bulbs in
  5. lol oxycontin now that is definitely the mean green leo has it all mixed up
  6. Dude there is a form right on the website. fill that out 10 bucks + stamps
  7. So i did a bunch of research on the light spectrum and I got these 460 nm acitinic blue bulbs to mix in with my 6400k ho t5s heres how my girl looks now super tight nodes (already starting fifth) Those are from seed. About 8-10 in tall
  8. Hey guys.. saying hello for the 2nd time.. had a username a while back..(not banned, just dont have that email anymore) anyways good to be back
  9. Hey first post here. Anyone ever attempt a LA Confidential grow? (dna gen)
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