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  1. Have need of a caregiver with high quality in a reasonably close area to Cheboygan area.
  2. My card is for chronic pain and nausea but need a caregiver within an hours drive or less of cheboygan. Does anyone up here have openings?
  3. Hi. I'm looking for a local caregiver in the cheboygan area. I suffer from chronic pain and nausea. If anyone can help me out please send me a private message. Thanks.
  4. I don't have a caregiver but would like to get one. If someone close to Cheboygan has an opening, please let me know. Hopefully, we can work something out. Thanks.
  5. My plants are doing beautifully and a couple of them have more than doubled in size this last week. It's getting time to put them in bigger pots and start their flowering stage. Trouble is I would need to find soil without any nutrients, right? Is it possible to put them into coco at this point? Will the soil on the roots mess everything up? Or do I just need to repot into bigger pots with sterile nutrient free soil? Would it be better to find a potting soil with the right nutes for flowering? I'm a total newbie so I don't know quite what to do here and only have a week to make up my min
  6. The strain is Ice, purchased from Amsterdam. Supposedly a very high yield, stubby, 50/50 plant. We shall see, and yep, the whole house is now smelling and I am running carbon filters upstairs and down. Need to use a lot of Febreeze when anyone comes over, hehehe. Thanks for the advice. They are definitely not overwatered as they are in peat pots and drying out very quickly. You can actually see when the peat becomes dry. Will need to repot soon but supposedly the roots can go right through the pots so as to avoid shocking the babies. Does that sound right?
  7. Thanks folks. Great advice. Should I cut off the yellow leaves or leave them alone?
  8. zenwishes


    I do need advice. Why are the bottom leaves yellowing? They are about 3.5 weeks since germination, planted in miracle gro seed starter and watered with 6.5 to 7.0 ph water. They are lighted with CFL's 4-6 inches away 18 hours on, and 6 off. Were doing beautifully until a few days ago when they started to yellow. Any suggestions?
  9. These were germinated from seed about 3.5 weeks ago. They were planted in miracle gro seed starting soil. They are watered with spring water from 6.5 to 7.0 ph. They are lighted with CFLs which are 2-4 inches away and have been doing beautifully until the last 3 or 4 days when the leaves have started to yellow. Any suggestions? What do I do? Also, is a smell that is strong enough to fill a story of the house normal when they are this small? Whew!!
  10. Where is the closest compassion club to Cheboygan? I'm looking for one that isn't too far away as riding in the car for very long is very difficult for me.
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