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  1. sb is the most intellectually intimidating woman on the forum.
  2. "Thank you President Obama for having the balls to carry out the mission without informing Pakistan or the UN. " Thats about the only role Obama had in all of this. Obama didnt catch Osama. Bush did. Last time I checked, around 05, gas prices were $2.?? per gallon. We're looking at a $5 summer and everyone thinks Obama is a god. HERES TO HOPING HE GETS DAS BOOT FROM OFFICE NEXT TERM. Screw the incumbent.
  3. I'd like to know how much he wins in the lawsuit, or how much Royal Caribbean slides him under the table to start shutting up.
  4. Considering I've heard no reply on this topic, I am now starting the thread. I'll compile a list of non friendly cities and edit the postings late tonight.
  5. If you're unwilling to shoot someone who breaks in, potentially threatens your life, and wants your MM, then you're in the wrong business
  6. Someone should file a motion in a court of law that excludes the future impact of children from being brought up in any court. Unless actual studies, video, and evidence of activities such as selling drugs to children, minors, or anyone else in non compliance with the state laws is shown, there is no plausible basis for this argument. I understand people have children. I understand they fear for their child's future. Unfortunately, the sad fact is, your child is more likely to get pregnant or be the producer of a child before they'd ever be sold medical marijuana from a CH or patient. Sayi
  7. Yeah. I've been debating adding 8" x 2 for intake and 8" x 2 for exhaust, with the exhaust being pulled through the hoods thus sucking out a tad less air than is being pumped into the room, hoping to leave a majority of fresh air. The downside to this is the summer heat factor, in which I'd probably have to reduce 1 intake/exhaust line and add a stand alone A/C or something. I'm not sure what to do yet. Got about 2 weeks to figure it out tho
  8. I'm not sure if people truly understand this transcript, but the police officer being questioned attended a strip tease in his honor, and in the state of Michigan, nude dancing is illegal. I forget what aspect of it (fully nude, half nude, alcohol involved) but in some way, shape, or form, strip clubs are actually illegal in the state of Michigan, but police almost always turn a blind eye to them. Usually because their officers are patrons. Granted this involved a private party or whatever, not sure if it was a real bar or a strip joint, but at any rate, the witnessed actions by all of th
  9. Tell your drummer to hop on bass and I'll drum :x
  10. The Big 3 downtown were granted their licenses from the Michigan Gambling Board or commission or what not, at least that I know of. Unless they have some sort of hidden government funding (which I cant possibly see happening at a casino owned by Ilitch and part of a UNION aka Detroits Criminal Underground.), I dont think they have to comply with federal statute like the Indian reserves do. Although they could pull a Walmart and say "NO! YOURE FIRED!". Motor City is touchy. I've went there 1,000 times flawlessly. But theres always a time or two that they deny entry due to your ID being slig
  11. I agree. If you're on parole, you might as well consider yourself out of jail but still playing by their rules. Alcohol and any type of drug use (legal marijuana, prescription vicodin, etc) is in direct violation of the parole agreement, and they can treat you however they want. You wont win a parole fight with a MMJ card. Regular citizens (no offense to parolees at all) have about a 50-50 shot at clearing their names legally when they get caught by the police. Parolees have about a 1-99 shot at clearing their name legally.
  12. Well I've had a multitude of problems since I've started. From pests last summer to deficiencies, I've worked through them all. Im starting to think it comes down to genetics. I have 5 and 10gal smart pots, and those were upgraded from much smaller buckets. That gave me an increase last year. Im honestly thinking my genetics were getting down to their ending point. I've gotten rid of a lot of my old strains, due to me just getting sick of smoking them lol. I was working with some really weak strains at early last year, swapped em out, summer was great, fall was ok, winter was ok, spring was gr
  13. lol @ "possession of a firearm/bb gun whilst stupefying on MMJ" thats probably the exact terminology they'd use, too.
  14. I wish she would have met me instead. I would have loved to have an attorney girlfriend who didnt mind my grow op. She messed it all up for a 23 year old? Whatttt Theeee Fffffrick.
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