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  1. Still no caregiver. I have had my just ceased operations caregiver since 2010. Yhere have been many changes, and most likely surveillance is rampant. Me, just an ovarian cancer patient on disability looking for a new caregiver. Am I to asdume there is NO ONE with a slot open that lives near Kalamazoo? I rather doubt it, but hey.....what do I know, it's been 4 years since I've really needed to find a new one. 1st caregiver.....jan-april 2010 fake, never produced anything and blamed me for his inability to pay rent. 2nd caregiver......may-november 2010. Great job caring within my disability limits. Looked for new caregiver because pricing structure was jacked up beyond my affordability. 3rd caregiver....nov-jan 2010/2011.great, but after 2 months dropped me because his wife gave ultimatum, marriage or caregiver. He chose marriage. Back to 2nd Caregiver....jan 2011February 2014. Still worked with me to meet specific needs. I helped "pay more" by helping out when needed. So, as you can see, I don't jump around much. My biggest hinderance is my ability to pay high costs. Look, I'm not an idiot. Charging reasonable prices is what I seek. Some are so high in $$, that it's obvious where the compassion lay, certainly not with helping people in my position. I seek a fair compassionate caregiver willing to work with my ability to pay, as well as to take trade in goods/services to supplement what I am able to afford. The affordability factor for me, a cancer patient in end stage disease, is 1 of the most important factors. I have doctor appointments, and regular outpatient procedures, as well as pharmacy costs to cover. Oh yeah....food and shelter in there too. I know it takes $ to grow, but I also know reasonable after years of watching both soil and hydro operations. Please don't try to justify staggering costs. I choose medical marijuana because it works to stabilize my tumor when used in oil form. In smoke form, I don't need to consume pain pills. I get to enjoy and be a part of life instead of sitting and/or sleeping my life away. I am able to live life pretty wholly despite the limitations. My limitations requires over $750/month alone to maintain. And visiting the hospital once a month for a required outpatient procedure is not exactly joyful.......But I am here! How/why? Through medical marijuana in at least 2 forms that keeps me alive. The doctors have nothing to offer, support me using cbd's to treat what they cannot. I choose not to grow because I simply have no room in my 724sf home. My apologies for going on here, but I am getting really frustrated with the LACK OF CARE and COMPASSION by caregivers who have profits in the forefront and have lost sight for the whole reason medical marijuana was approved. Thank you for reading and perhaps understanding.
  2. I tried the link, it says I do not have permission to join the group.....?
  3. Thanks all. I will look at the classifieds. Been a while since I have been on, new challenge. Lol
  4. In need of a new caregiver.

  5. I am looking for a new caregiver, my old caregiver has decided to cease operations. I am an ovarian cancer patient with advanced disease, recently it has spread to vital organs. I can hive you a copy of the report if you'd like to read it. Likely not, but you may, I want you to know exactly what I have. I am on a fixed income so need to work accordingly. Please send info. It has been a while since I have been on here, so I am not positive of all of the rule changes, so please forgive me. If I need to post this elsewhere kindly let me know. Thank you.
  6. Not new here, but haven't been on in a long time. I am lost and in need of finding a caregiver. Not sure where to go anymore.
  7. Yes, I do go to the dispensary even though I have a caregiver. I mentioned before that I consume more than most, this isn't an issue for the caregiver, but he's between cycles and has little available for smoking...he has oils, capsules, medibles etc. though. I just like to relax with a little smoke. Anyway, I like the dispensary on West Main, and I love to give them feedback so that they have it for future customers. The people that work there are great people that make you feel at "home" too. They aren't accepting any new patients at this time, but if when they do, this is definately a great alternative or a place to "mix it up" a bit, like I do! LOL I can't do it often, and I don't ever do any large amounts, but I do like to see what is out there, to see the test results on strains etc. because they test. I haven't had a chance to dig, but is there some thread in here that talks about dispensary experiences/reviews? If there isn't one, I think it might be helpful for others? Just an idea.....
  8. All I can say is bless those that can do this. I wouldn't be here without you. I still say that some of the pricing is downright sinful! $500/oz? for real? come on now.... At those prices, I guess I'd stick with the pain pills. I can't afford that! I do want to say though that the dispensary here on West Main in Kazoo, is compassionate and has always worked with me in regard to making sure I have what I need and have worked with the available "donation" money I have in my pocket. I've never been greedy in asking them for more or a better price either. Yesterday, I described my recent results from the cancer center. I am so glad I've found a caregiver that will be able to continually supply my needs at a price I can afford. Life is getting better, and now that I'm living again...it's that much sweeter! Good luck to those looking for a caregiver! I hope you find the best of the best like I have!
  9. My life is now brought to you by medical marijuna. Yes it's saving my life when chemo and radiation couldn't!

  10. Thank you to all the Caregivers, Merry Christmas! I have been absoluately blessed this month with gifts, none of which are tangible! All good news from the doctors is my present. Getting my hands on the capsules has been the real key for me. My tumor is shrinking and softening. Perhaps in the months ahead, they'll be able to remove all of the cancer? I can only hope! May all you patients find a wonderful caregiver like I have.
  11. I am in awe with all the gifts I've received this month. NONE of which are material.....

  12. I know what you mean. For some reason, I felt "taken" when it came to finding the right caregiver. As a patient with cancer, I wanted compassion and understanding, I got high prices that I could not afford and an attitude of "well, go find someone else then" many times before I found my current caregiver. He's raising his prices, so I need to find another caregiver again....NOT looking forward to the process. I am finding a lot of greed and a lot of pride. Pride in the grow is good, but charging me enough for an oz to pay your electric bill for the last 2 months is not reasonable either. I understand it isn't free to grow the stuff, but some of the pricing is just downright sinful for a patient. I'm under pressure to pay COBRA insurance, mortgage, food, utilities, along with all the other little bills, and have very little left over for the very thing that makes me tick/live. Sad. I wish you luck in finding a caregiver, and I sure hope I have good luck finding a new one.
  13. The truth is.....I'm still alive because of Medical Marijuana! As a cancer patient, I will attest to the properties and how it's improved and saved my life!
  14. As a patient that was on 3 blood pressure meds, I'm happy to report that since I've become legal (November 2010), I have been able to eliminate all the bp meds. However, one still helps with another little problem (hot flashes), so I continue to take it for that reason alone. As a cancer patient, I could tell you stories of how it's helped other areas of my life. If it weren't for MMj, I don't think I'd be alive today....
  15. I started off getting a money order, but read about all the problems in getting proof that it was cashed. So I went with a personal check, figured why not, they already had all the other information on me within the application anyway. I went back to the bank and got the money back from the money order, be sure NOT to write anything in the TO area, and if you do, don't cross it off and make sure to have your back copy as proof that it's a mo you bought. I sent the paperwork in certified, as I got the green card that they received it within 2 days and then found they cashed my check in 4 days and I was able to get proof from my back within a day of that. I have all my paperwork together, and it was all cashed back in mid-November, and I'm still waiting for my card. I hear they are months behind on sending them out and nothing to make it come faster...not even dropping it off in person will get you the card any faster, just eases the mind that they received it. I figure the $3 to send certified was a lot cheaper than a couple of gallons of gas to get me there/back since I'm in Kalamazoo, but if I lived nearby, I certainly would drop off in person too.
  16. Again, I want to say thank you to the caregivers/patients I have encountered on this site. My signed caregiver is close to harvest and I've had to rely on a few here to help me through some really rough spots these last few months. I am a cancer patient and I'm currently going through chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, after recently completing radiation. I've had a number of surgeries, mostly the last 4 months of this past year that have really thrown me for a loop and have been thankful for all the help I've received. So, yes, some caregivers never cease to amaze me either! I understand the original point here. I've learned that those caregivers that have been in it for a while are the ones that have learned those very valuable lessons about real compassion. I found that they are easier to find than I could have imagined and let those seeking to profit find those that can afford them. There is a niche for us all is what I keep in mind. Again, thank you to all those that have given me a very valuable service that I appreciate more than words can say. Anything to keep off the darn pain pills to get me through, I appreciate your compassion.
  17. Phaquetoo aka Jim says: ...and he will give me as much swag as i want for oil and medibles... I'm not familiar with "swag" what exactly is that?
  18. Perhaps this will start to help set prescedence in other similar cases and influence other cases that are MMj related. A win for MMj!!! I know some folks aren't thrilled with dispensaries, but they do offer an alternative for some folks. It's good to have choices!
  19. Thank you for the links! Very cool information, and I will do more checking around the sites for even more information. Yes, I understand that these sites aren't the all-knowing of everything, but it's a start. I tried to find information on my own, but I just wasn't looking in the right place. Thank you again, Dj
  20. Thank you for the information. I'm not upset it's not the newest/latest/greatest/popular strain. All I know is I actually received RELIEF from Lavendar - the first one I've encountered that actually helped me out more than any other strain. If I could find more at a reasonable price, I'd snatch it up. dj
  21. Merry Christmas!

    1. Letterhead954


      Merry Christmas to you too! I also like your quote. Been there, done that, and it's so true.

  22. Earlier this week I got a hold of a couple of grams of Lavender. It was the first time I have had any relief in my stomach (due to cancer) in a very long time. It was very expensive for me, but it was worth the relief. My questions: 1) Is Lavender an Indica or Sativa? 2) I don't see much mention of Lavender anywhere, is it not considered worth growing by most? I ask these questions only because I have not seen anything on this strain in the forums, and perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place, or maybe someone can steer me in the right direction. I am not a grower, nor do I plan to become one anytime soon, I just want some information on the strain that took some pain away for me for the first time in a very long time. I wished I had more money to donate, because I would definately want to buy more of that. Thank you for your responses and time. dj
  23. Holy crap....never knew of anyone that knew where Atlanta was besides me....I'm from those parts!
  24. Hi ya'll! Talking of ice fishing gets my taste buds going. I much rather be on the cleaning and cooking end than catching end, I just can't stand the cold. HOWEVER, my husband LOVES LOVES LOVES to ice fish and would love to find someone around the Kalamazoo area to fish with, heck, I might even go once or twice if a shanty is involved! LOL I grew up in Northern Michigan and have ice fished before, but like I mentioned, I rather clean and cook the fish. If there are any takers out there that would like a fishing partner in the Kalamazoo area, give me a shout, my hubby would love to go. Dj
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