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  1. The best bet is a lawyer and that will not be cheap. IF they charge then u can get some twit who works for the people trying to screw you over. Great system we have here eh?
  2. Calling does NO GOOD what so ever. No matter how nice or professional ALL calls to MDCH are ignored and deleted at the end of the day. They never even listen to them. This is the info I got from some one in the lobby who was stamping paper work. The Director of the MDCH is doing all in her petty tyrants power to stall the process so her friends in the medical industry can continue to reap their ill gotten gains for as long as possible. CANNABIS CURES and you can grow it your self not much room for a parasite to profit is there?
  3. darn. I have been to the Greenhouse. What the hell is happening in my native land? I am going back to EU within the year and for good I am afraid. Too many lying liars in power, especially in this state.
  4. I heard hydroponic grows are not organic. Can it be truly medical if it is not organic? The definition of organic seems to be up for debate still so that makes the issue gray I guess? Some guy who spoke at one of the seminars around here said that not organic is non medical and just profiting from getting high. Seems extreme so I had to ask. be nice to me plz
  5. Available for soil grow only. White Widow x AK-47 Sour Diesel Lemon Skunk Kushberry Rooted, Ready and Clean PM me for details
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