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  1. I am done messing around with your puppies... You hold the power here. Speak up or be deemed un-worthy as your group has. No more background for you... You want respect come earn it. I need no lawyer.
  2. Look at what all that schooling got me ahhh rats fooled by a nut. ahhhh shucks. my friend said he would go herb! I am out of here they feel me, their too smart not too. till 23rd - see ya herb Justin is name... I will find you Hi guys nice to meet again.
  3. Highlander if you are following story way back at the dogs house the line in the sand was made or did 8 and 9 not tell you that?
  4. Like I said 7 bend your mind around that. I have almost seen all of Michigan. Deletion no longer matters. I know who is who. I know I made right choice.
  5. Highlander I will tell you one time and only one time...... I am far more advanced then you. Do you know how to see mice in the DARK? You use cheese and they all show up now 7. Ha ha ha you do not know me. Did you watch the video I posted? Be gone.
  6. Ask highlander what 6 is. I would not play games with friends. You aint that.
  7. Before you make a world of hic for hic take the time and come kiss my a.. so you at least know what it looks like before you talk about it. you are number 6 is that insane enough for you?
  8. I will ask Boss to go with me. He has never been to a meeting and I think you might inspire him to help the people. He does not care for the people like me...He is as close to Blood as it gets without being so. I think he is fine R - wink
  9. I see what is going on... the more time I spend behind this keyboard the more I see. I do not wish to cause panic with my talk. I wish to show them what they are doing out-side of the courtroom. I would rather have a friend then a lawyer and they have never got that. Goes with all us non members of nothing not on a high horse of self. on another note if they would not have gotten under my skin I would not have gone to your meeting the 23rd. Let them circle people it will only make your dream grow with their over-spill. Let them build...that is what they wanted to do so let them
  10. Don't tempt me..... maybe after I make a mirror for you to look at I will buy a forum. Fill it with healing. - wink
  11. Don't you go deleting now unless herb wishes.
  12. YES we are showing support for an idea.
  13. They can feel that or their dead already.
  14. Available only at herbs! when law allows eh herb?
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