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  1. Evad905

    Lets Make The Mmma Great Again

    Hear, Hear! I agree---thinking of making my roof all solar!
  2. Unfortunately, "Reefer Madness" still exists !! My 79 yr old parents at least have their eyes & minds open Today. The older generation is slowly coming around; I know, some never will unfortunately. Best to All
  3. I was just wondering what the opinion was on the "Weed-Cigarette Cartridge". I tried & enjoyed (worked) !! What do you all think?
  4. Would temperature be an issue outside @ that time of year here? I heard of good luck being able to move plants inside so that they don't get too cold. Just a thought.
  5. Evad905

    Let Freedom Ring ! ! !

    Happy 4TH to All!!!
  6. Hey All! My question is, what do I do with my kief? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Thanks I'll pass it on to him!
  8. Thanks Bill! Is it the woodward health solutions?
  9. Hello All! I have to take my dad down for shoulder replacement surgery, as I'm not familiar with the area could someone direct me to a good, safe club to obtain my meds while I'm down there for the few days? Thanks!
  10. Evad905

    Not The Brightest Glow Stick In The Box!

    Mean while back at the "Ranch"; Grandma's beat'n off the Indians!
  11. Good Deal I look forward to the next festival! I was dressed accordingly so no biggie for me.. Thanks to the effort to put this on in the inclimate weather and short time span.. There r a few places around the Mid Mich are that may be conducive to another, oh say Xmas festival!? Just a thought. We'll get it together!!! Woo Hoo!
  12. I would hope so; But, I'll come down and help fix ball diamond! I'm not that far away!