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  1. My dad's dr (pcp) drug tested him and found MM in his system. My dad is legal. Well, the doctor then stripped all his pain meds from him except aleve. This is the same dr who refused to Rx ANY pain meds for my dad for over a year because he is a "recovering alcoholic" who hasn't had a drop of alcohol in 30 years. My dad is 60, disabled, with back, nerve, & heart problems. He needs a new pcp. One who will at least allow my dad a pain Rx to suppliment the MM. Please help. I am desperate. My dad is in SO much pain all the time...even with the MM. Since they took his Rx away he has been unable to walk due to pain. It breaks my heart to see him hurt like he does. Thanks.
  2. No offense Scrog, but that's horrible advice and YES, HE COULD BE PUNISHED if he didn't know. If challenged, he would have to prove he didn't know. Not right, but realistic. Best advice would be talk to him, but respect his decision, and his house, if you do not want to negatively effect your relationship with him. If you must move out, do so.
  3. I'm still waiting on 2 renewal cards (mine & hubby's) Sent 6-24 Check Cashed 6-26 Waiting on a CG card for a patient, the patient has yet to receive his card also. Sent 5-2, check cashed 5-4, LARA called him on Aug 29th stating that he hadn't sent in a cg form/copy of cg id...(which he had because I mailed it personally) so we faxed it in the same day (as requested) and still nothing! I'd hate to think our wait time starts over because by the time we get it, it will be time to renew... They "outsourced" it to "expedite the process" yet nothing has changed in wait time...it actually seems like it's gotten longer. I mean with the surplus of funds they have, why the hell can't they hire more people or buy more/better equipment? No, they're probably using the money us patients & cg's paid to become "legal" to pay the officers to harass us and put us in jail. Isn't that some $hit....
  4. Well, I guess my opinion doesn't meet their approval. I just tried to post registered with an address from Dearborn and still not showing.... So, I tried to help Dizz....but I didn't meet the approval of the "man" I guess...lol
  5. I still am only seeing 9 comments. So, even though MMMA members may have commented, they are not showing....just ending on BigBoss' intelligent analysis of the situation...lmfao Can anyone tell me if it's just me? Does anyone else see more than 9 comments?
  6. I registered Name: MM Address: 1 anywhere lane, anytown, MI random zip code. Hopefully it's showing my comment. It says 10 comments, but when I click to read them, it's only showing 9.... Anyways, here's my comments on the subject: I don't mind the Walgreens or RiteAid, so why would a dispensary bother me? It wouldn't. Facts are cannabis is helpful in treating many medical conditions, it has no adverse side effects, has not caused a single death ever, and does not have the addictive properties of other legal "drugs." As for what my neighbors do in their own home, it's none of my business, and it's none of their business what I do in mine. I AM a great parent. I AM a member of the PTA and several community organizations. I AM a business owner. I AM a CARDHOLDER. I DO use cannabis for my MS in a topical form & it DOES NOT cloud my judgement. You wouldn't know I am a patient unless I told you so. My children are THANKFUL to the voters for giving me a choice. I can hug my children, play with them and rock my 2 son to sleep, all of which could not be done before my cannabis treatment. My doctors are amazed that my MRI scans show healing; something that is unheard of with the FDA approved treatments. Two years ago, I was on 16 daily medications, now I use cannabis and 1 other medication. My children know more facts about cannabis than you do and they're all under the age of 11. To think that some of you are making mass generalizations about all patients based on misinformation and ignorance, is appalling. To say that all, or even most, patients are "pothead losers," "addicts," and "junkies" only shows how uninformed you really are. Until you deal with a disease that makes it impossible to function, how can you pass judgement? To think you'd like law-abiding taxpayers in jail is ridiculous! Your doctor is more of a "poison pusher" thank ANY caregiver or patient is. It's too bad that they will ignore and insult ANY voice of intelligence or reason. It makes it more and more apparent that we must continue to fight and defend the rights given to us by the voters. These people will believe only what is truth in their own reality. They sit and drink beer, pop Vicodin, and believe they are right and insult anyone who disagrees because they have no facts to base their opinion on. It's a sad reality, but it's something we must deal with as diplomatically as possible, then move forward.
  7. If I could attend my sign would read, simply: CANNABIS DOES NOT MAKE ME A BAD PARENT, IT MAKES ME AN ACTIVE ONE! Just my two cents.
  8. My husband and I were planning on attending, but he has to work and I cannot find a sitter for my 1 yr old. It is also worth noting that both my 10 yr old and 8 yr old daughters asked if they could miss school to "rally for their mom" Yet, I wanted to pass on our well wishes to all that are able to attend. Our whole family is hoping for a wonderful turn out. Remember, for every 1 who rallies, there are 5 at home who cannot. Thank you to all who will be there to help protect our rights.
  9. I would have no doubt tested positive through my whole pregnancy because of second hand from my hubby. I was not in the "Oh my god, the baby's coming!" frame of mind when admitted to the hospital because I was induced the last two pregnancies, and my husband and I both went through the paperwork...no drug test section, that we WOULD HAVE NOTICED. Not saying that this is not happening, but IMHO I don't believe that every mother/child is tested, at least not where I live. Just my experience with the whole thing.
  10. When did the SOM start testing EVERY mother and child? I had my last child in 2009 and I know that neither I or my baby was tested. My OB delivered all 3 of my children over a 10 year span and I have never been tested for cannabis, and would object to it if tried. BTW I did not use during any of my pregnancies, but seriously considered during my last to combat my MS and my OB did not object to it. One of our friend's girlfriends was tested early on (1st trimester) by her OB (without her knowledge) and was told she had to submit to further testing throughout her pregnancy because she tested positive. I told her to find another OB.
  11. I will be voting yes. The republicans certainly won't be offering a BETTER choice. First, because I believe that Obama does want to change the direction this country is going, that he wants to invest in the futures of our children, and wants to improve the lives of those Bush's leftover BS and that's going to take a long time to fix. Second, because I have one of those tea baggers in my family, or as we call him, a "Limbite". One of those obviously mentally challenged who refuse to educate themselves with ACTUAL FACTS on anything. An almost 60 year old man who sits at home watching FOX NEWS, listening to Rush or Glenn Beck, and has no grip on actual reality. This is a man who will not take his grandchildren to the park without packing his gun...now I understand individual rights and guns, but seriously TO THE PARK? It's not like we live in a large city, we live in the sticks. When I asked him NOT to take his gun to the park with the kids, he answered "It's my right and I'm not gonna let those Libs take it away..." So, my reply was simply "Well, there my kids and it's MY RIGHT to decide if you can bring it around them." He said that I'm "so Liberal I'm not even American". That's scary, tea baggers are scary, Palin in scary. I'm not Republican, not Democrat...I just educate myself with facts and vote accordingly. IMHO, Ron Paul was the BEST choice last time, but Obama was next best.
  12. By far what has helped me is topical salve, without which, I would not be able to walk most days. It takes care of my pain (which has no apparent point of origin, just all over) and my spasms. If I was to offer advice to another MS patient, this would be my absolute #1. *Just a note, there is a study in the U.K. (I believe) that says keeping cannabinoid levels up may be able to reverse some of the effects of M.S. Just a bit of hope for us whom smile at even a small possibility of a cure.
  13. "SageofthePage January 15, 2011 at 1:49PM Pot, sold under the "medical" misnomer, is one of the greatest threats to Michigan's youth and the state's future prosperity. If one is fighting the nausea effects of chemo, then prescription pills containing THC are available, right? The only reason anyone smokes Pot is to get a buzz. That's the only reason. Does Michigan seriously need any more unproductive pot-heads? The Arizona shooter was a heavy pot user. Pot is known to trigger psychosis in young men. That is fact, my friends. Hmmm .... that also explains the reaction to reason by the stoners and pot-heads. The Pot-pushers lied to and fooled the voters of Michigan on this issue. Ban ALL Pot sales Now!" I wish I could meet this man. I am a mother of 3, with MS, and without cannabis, I would not be able to walk most days. I don't smoke, I use mostly topical ointments with the occasional medible in a weak dosage to supplement. I do not catch a buzz. I am educated on the facts and I personally have made the choice to not poison myself any longer with man-made pain killers, that do not work. He speaks about reason, yet, is a contradiction to himself. In his profile he states, "Speak up and never back down from the tyrannical forces leading the Nation into slavery. If you don't, then who will? Get clear on the issues and take the time to learn more about those who work tirelessly to destroy our country and individuality. Truth is beauty, but as one great philosopher said, beauty is not always pleasant to look upon." This is exactly what we are doing, NOT BACKING DOWN, NOT GIVING UP OUR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. Just my opinion, but I wish this type of people could see themselves the way everyone else sees them...because then they may reconsider their comments and actions. I constantly tell my children to not speak about issues/things they do not know about, to not state things as facts if they are unable to produce the proof, and to NEVER open their mouth to speak without thinking about what they are about to say thoroughly first. If you don't open your mouth about things you have no knowledge of, you save yourself from looking like an idiot. As I said, just my opinion, but I really wish more people would use plain ole common sense. Sorry for the rant.
  14. Remember, over 50% of Natgeo is owned by Fox.... So, with that knowledge, I understand why there is so much misinformation and bias there is so far in this show. I am disappointed in NatGeo for this show. As a channel which many people look to for accurate information, it is a shame that this is what they are showing. IMO
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