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  1. I wonder if anyone will bring cannabis seeds? Everyone can grow 12, and I would sure like to trade out to get some variety going. No selling allowed, but swapping doesn't count as selling, does it? Whether trading or not, this could be an event of interest: https://www.tadl.org/event/seed-swap/
  2. Will industrial hemp have to be grown in an "enclosed locked area" too, hidden from public view, or are there no similar restrictions under the new law? (I'm thinking huge open fields similar to cornfields). From what I have read, industrial hemp can produce a variety of terpenes, resins, flowers, and looks and smells identical to it's high THC cousin. George Washington said "plant hemp everywhere". I'm all for that. Anyone know where hemp seeds for strains suitable for Michigan climate are available?
  3. https://fox17online.com/2018/08/03/80-year-old-medical-marijuana-patient-with-expired-card-jailed-for-less-than-eighth-of-cannabis/
  4. Here is a simple recipe and anyone can make this stuff: Run cannabis leaves, flowers, and softer stems through a juice machine such as a Champion, or a similar model. Enjoy the raw cannabis juice, but don't throw away that pulp! Instead, press the pulp into little "pancakes" or balls. The thinner it is, the quicker it will dry in the sun. Place in a shallow cardboard box and let it sit on the dashboard of your car in the sun for a few hours. Alternately, you can place the wet pulp cakes right on the roof or trunk lid of your vehicle while it is parked in the hot sun (dark colored vehicles get hotter, of course). Flip the pulp every now and then to help dry it out quicker. It can dry and be ready to use the same day. Perhaps it will improve with age? I don't know yet. I've smoked it just as soon as it's dry enough to burn. One of these days I'll set some aside in a glass jar to age, but since it's a new "product" I haven't had a chance to age any of it yet. Overages can now be piled up and hidden in plain sight. Oh, and now a FAKE NEWS FLASH: It's been reported that LEO are in a frenzy, scrambling to pick this stuff up when they find it on the roadsides around Clare and Manton. Every nugget now has to be hauled in to the crime lab in Cadillac for testing and verification. They need more personnel, more storage space, and a bigger budget to handle the increased work load. U.S. Customs agents in Texas, Arizona, and California have already been alerted to check every horse trailer coming across the border. Their new motto is "leave no turd unturned" as their work load becomes increasingly difficult. Mexico has already got wind of this, and is producing the "Amish horse plop" by the ton!
  5. While "medicatiing" on this new substance, I designed a homemade label just for fun. Posted it to the "pictures" forum. Check it out!
  6. impatient

    Uncle Yoder's Amish Horse Plop

    A picture of my homemade label on a tin the same size as an "Altoids" tin.
  7. Recently I posted my experiences juicing cannabis leaves. I mentioned that the ground-up byproduct from juicing in a Champion Juice Machine (when dried) looks just like the "byproduct" that you see along the road in horse and buggy country. If you like a milder form of cannabis, you will really freak out on this stuff. I've decided to name it "Uncle Yoder's Amish Horse Plop". But wait....there's more! I just wrote a fictional story about the origin of this strange substance. I hope you enjoy the story, and if you make some, I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do. Here's the story (fictional history): Phineas and Ezekiel were on rumspringa last summer. First thing they did is to get their MMJ certification from Doc Swartzendruber. They decided to grow their MMJ in the horse pasture. It’s a well-known fact among horse folks that horses LOVE cannabis. Well, the horses were actin’ mighty strange when Uncle Yoder called them in to the barn for the night. In the morning there was a very strong cannabis smell in the horse stalls. Uncle Yoder determined that the horses had eaten some of that “loco weed”. He picked up some of the dried plop and examined it. Took a sniff, and declared “it might be good in my corncob pipe”. Well, one thing led to another, and now YOU can enjoy the same product, Made in the USA and 100% organic. Rather than wait for the horse to do the conversion, we use a Champion Juicer to produce the stuff when we make raw cannabis juice. The government HATES this because they don’t have enough federal agents to go around sniffing all the plop in the country to determine which is which. Could this be the end of the war on weed? Have a bowl, and you’ll agree it's good sh*t! (but don’t tell Trump or the Bishop!).
  8. The Champion is a little slower rpm. and it really is a heavy duty machine. If drying and smoking the pulp is not desired, then leaf can be juiced at the same time together with carrot or any other high-moisture fruit or vegetable instead of dipping the cannabis leaves in plain water. Drink the juice, but the resulting pulp will have a consistency similar to applesauce and can be eaten too for it's "roughage". There are endless recipes that can be tried such as cannabis/carrot/orange, cannabis/beet, cannabis/pineapple, etc. etc. Also the Champion comes with a solid plate that can be used in place of the juice screen. Using the solid plate instead of the juice screen, frozen fruit can be ground up to make a sort of "ice cream" with frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, etc. and it would be easy to add raw plant leaves to such a mix to make a variety of frozen cannabis desserts. Cannabis popsicles with 100% organic mango anyone? YUM! Yes, I could drink the juice every day too.
  9. I never tried making the smoothies. A couple of my mature plants got knocked over and were damaged so I decided to juice them right away to eliminate unexpected overages. Both plants were partially into flower. I ended up with 2 quarts of juice in addition to the pulp that the juice machine expelled. Keep in mind that I added a little bit of water to the leaves when feeding them into the Champion Juicer. I drank the juice "straight", drinking 1 quart immediately and then the other quart the next day. I didn't experience any "high", and the juice really flushed out my digestive tract. I like raw cabbage juice too, and that produces the same laxative effect for me. The cannabis juice did not have much of a smell when I made it and drank it, but oh boy, did it ever smell strongly of flowering bud when it came out! Sorry if that sounds weird, but that's what I experienced. A quart all at once of any raw vegetable juice is a lot of juice to consume. I can't say that I experienced any immediate health benefit from the juice. Perhaps there is some sort of delayed benefit. I don't know. I will certainly do it again in the future and I really like the "poor man's hashish cakes" using the leftover pulp. Next time, I also plan to experiment with heating and consuming a smaller quantity of the raw juice along with some coconut milk.
  10. I tried juicing raw cannabis for the first time today. It is important that I mention that I used a Champion juicer, because anyone who has used one is familiar with the pulp that the Champion juicer expels. I found what worked best for me was to use only leaves and the soft leaf stems, dipping the raw leaves in a bowl of water just prior to juicing and then grinding the sopping-wet leaves. The juice was great. What interested me too was the leftover pulp. I gathered the pulp and put it between 2 pieces of canvas and rolled it flat with a rolling pin. I rolled it out thin deliberately so it would dry faster in the sun. What came out was a firm, thin "pancake" which I put on a piece of cardboard to dry in the hot sun on the dashboard of my car. This pancake looked like some sort of poor-man's hashish. Later in the day, the thin pancakes had dried, and also turned slightly brown. To my surprise, it looked like "horse plop" that had been run over by a car. An old saying came to mind: Quality is like buying oats: Quality is like buying oats -if you want nice, clean oats, you must pay a fair price; however - if you're satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse - such oats can be had a little cheaper!! ~Anonymous. Well, back in the '60's, we didn't generally have quality bud available. One smoked whatever was available. There's no question that bud is nice, but some of us old-timers still like to roll up the weaker leaf, smoke a little more, and get a little less wasted, avoiding "couch lock", etc. With the genetics available these days, even the weaker leaf now has more than enough potency to make an old-timer happy, even after being run through the juicer. I'm quite satisfied with the "oats (MMJ) that has been through the horse" (Champion Juicer) and find it hilarious too that it looks just like something you'd find on the side of the road in Amish country. Talk about hiding something in plain sight! A person could have a horse trailer or barn full of this stuff and no one would pay it any mind. Hmm.........Anyway,I like being able to crumble up a chunk of this dried "plop" and fill the bowl of my briar tobacco pipe, puffing that for several minutes while I sit on the porch and watch the sun set. it's a nice, mellow high that doesn't leave me disfunctional, and pairs well with a glass of wine, can of beer, or whatever. Oh, I'm not forgetting the cost either. I used to buy pipe tobacco. I was addicted to that and it became increasingly expensive due to taxes. I gave up tobacco years ago. Now, I find a lot more enjoyment in this byproduct from my juicer. I realize it's healthier to vape or do a "one-hitter" using high quality bud or wax, but there's a lot to be said for old-school. Am I alone in my preference? My leaves and overages will never again go on the compost pile. ~impatient :-)
  11. There's also a "Mlive" article that goes into more detail about this at: http://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2015/11/fired_medical_marijuana_users.html Nice to see some good news :-)
  12. See the Detroit Free Press article at: http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2015/11/05/appeal-deniedmedical-marijuana-firings-get-jobless-pay/75223918/
  13. It's almost comical to see that "name calling" or changing in other areas too. Regulations were forced on pawn shops to the point where some changed their names to "paun" shop or "second-hand buyers". In response to beef jerky/meat regulations, some convenience stores in Michigan switched to offering "JERKEY" for sale. Along with the new provisioning centers, maybe some "fimmers" markets will be o.k. too?
  14. The Squares Lose: Hemp Flag to Grace Capitol Building on July 4th see the article at: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/07/hemp-flag-capitol-july-4/66787/
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