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  1. Glad to hear that both the Bubbles are on the mend! Great news as we get ready to start the new year. So no more surgery for either one of you next year, K? Stay strong and heal quickly!
  2. Guess I'm glad i was too cold and tired to think of heading over there last night.....I would've been pissed, too!
  3. Thanks, Garfield. I will do that. I thought users here would want to know, in case they experience the same thing.
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate you passing on the problems to the administrators, just in case anyone else experiences the same thing.
  5. Sending get well wishes to you from me and my wife ( you know, the one who called the donkey rectum at the grow store for you...) Hope you feel better soon and get back to a life that doesn't hurt!!
  6. Tarzan, thanks for the great Christmas contest! My guess is 85.
  7. Don't know if anyone else experienced this but no validations ever arrived to my comcast email I gave with first account created.(yep, checked spam, etc. to make sure) Finally gave up and created new account here with a gmail addy. Anyone else has experienced problems with comcast mail? BTW, glad to be here, thanks for a great community you have created.
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