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  1. Welcome! You'll be hard pressed to find better people and information than are on this site. Please don't be afraid to ask questions. Again, welcome.
  2. These can be a problem as to the heat they produce. I use to have them on my fish tanks but had to get rid of them due to heat buildup. Airstones don't have that problem.
  3. Thanks for your answer on outdoor grows Michael. I shall be very discreet while putting up multiple fences and digging a moat. I'm sure that will not attract undo attention. Snark is on "Full Auto".
  4. Sorry BG. I couldn't resist. Your pumps should always be higher than your water level. In case of a power outage, water can back-siphon into your pumps. Color them messed up, if not ruined. I've seen more than a few make this mistake.
  5. While the American Red Cross is asking for donations, The Japanese Red Cross is saying that monetary funds are not needed at this time. Much of the donations to the Red Cross for New Orleans never made it to those who needed it. It went into their coffers for so called future uses. Go look at what their CEOs make off of your generosity. Donate locally to those who need it right here and now. Food banks, homeless shelters, and others who help our local people need everything they can get. Give with your mind, not just your heart. Thanks for the post EG.
  6. I was enjoying the light ribbing you were getting, but now the truth comes through. CAPITALIZE! It sounds like it's all about money when you say that.
  7. I've heard many on this site (including legal professionals), proclaim the courts will be swayed when we have 500,000 patients in 5 years. In the 2 years since the inception of the program, the state is well under 70,000 registered patients. Does anybody really see such an explosion of new patients? If so, how? With the law being disregarded by government and law officials, I believe we will actually see a slowing in applications over the long haul. I hope I'm wrong. Thanks in advance for your input.
  8. Michigan laws are an unknown at this time. Until they are, I will tape anything I see law enforcement doing. Arrest me please! http://www.citmedialaw.org/legal-guide/michigan-recording-law
  9. Why put so much into a name? Strain names are overrated. G13 is widespread now. You either have good or not. Spread the good if you have it.
  10. Thanks Brad. Definitely will not attend. I'm into scantilly clad buds myself. What a crock.
  11. Nope. I want to do what I and many others need, but may be afraid to do. I will not live in fear. That's for those who are afraid. Yes! Our rights are being trampled on now. I'll live within the law. That's an expansion of our rights compared to what we have. Those who enforce, illegally, need to understand our rights. To hell with 5 years. I walked the soles off my shoes to get the law passed. I will not wait 5 years for some to sit on their behind to make sure patients are cared for. If you sit on yours, the law will be changed against those who need it. That's
  12. We may. He says that the ACLU is getting involved. The state will surely try to limit it even further if allowed. Something along the line of a concrete reinforced bunker wouldn't surprise me. They don't want us to grow with free sunshine. Cuts into their donations from power companies.
  13. What would constitute a locked, secure, facility on an outdoor grow.
  14. No, you do not have to be a patient to be a caregiver. Advice? Don't get into it for money. Do it for compassion to others.
  15. I would never deal with the prosecutor. I would take it to the jury. My patients are ready to testify if needed as is my family and many in my community. Us farmers stick together. I'm not in total agreement with many about who should know what I'm doing. I am in contact with the township commission and local police on this matter. My neighbors are informed of my plans. Security will be the most pressing issue. I will exceed what the local county police use for their exterior secure storage. I will stay within the law regarding quantities both in plant count and dried, usable materi
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