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  1. I just got recertified. In the past I recall that there was a restriction on felonies within the last 10 years and NO DRUG FELONIES. Did something change about the drug felony part? Thanks
  2. http://kstp.com/news/stories/s3349175.shtml Minnesota House committee has approved a plan that would legalize medical marijuana, but it still faces a long road in the Legislature. Members of the Health and Human Services Policy Committee advanced the bill Tuesday evening after listening to mothers testify about how their children suffered up to 100 seizures a day before receiving marijuana treatment. Law enforcement organizations have formed an informal coalition that issued a list of requirements for the proposal, including that the drug must come only in pill, liquid or vapo
  3. Bloomfield. I'll meet you at Starbucks..
  4. I conveyed you words to the individual who grew them meds.......ya know about there being room for improvment. He says he owes you one. whatever that means. Maybe he'll let his girlfriend give you a cheap thrill.
  5. NO MEETING. i WAS ON TIME . NO ONE WAS THERE. Lot's of hockey going on. Senior center at that address. One car i lot I'm sure just getting my plate.
  7. I haven't medicated in about a month. I'm walking around like Kanye West all day. The world is a safer place with me medicated,
  8. I loved the back of Tory's head just shaking in disbelief through the whole hearing. I could tell she had had it. At the end she just throws up her arms. It's like "really, now you're threatening my Dr........ you people will just do or say anything to suppress the truth and keep dragging me and my name through the mud"
  9. They don't let me bring any electronics into court with me. I wish I had video of what I've seen and heard from the city attny and then in court when the judge flips the script (to the truth) as a defendant is entering a plea. They look stupid standing there after they just said they were guilty withdrawing the plea. If you could put it in context they were just told in the cell by the city attny "plead guilty and we'll get you home for dinner"............ I saw that and then this guy comes and tries to talk to me through the meal slot in the court lock up.......I'm like stop, I haven't
  10. I rarely ever give props to anyone. The sample KD gave me of his tru blue was sweet and yummy. I had to stop my dog from eating it....true story.
  11. I've never understood the attitude people that went to Thurston have about "north Redford" people.
  12. Dude you rock! Those of us that have been caught up in the system get railroaded because of lack of resources. Many of us that are providers for our families and charged with a crime. Even a meaningless crime like simple possession are in a bad situation. Our families welfare come first. Our rights to fair, articulate and aggressive representation often fall by that wayside. It's supposed to be an adversarial system. I've seen very few lawyers that want to/are willing to butt heads with prosecutors. Mine is defiantly that guy. I fired the public defender at my earliest opportunit
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