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  1. sorry you going to have a VERY hard time finding any wifi cut and honestly dont even think about #3 you're not getting that unless you are in the right circle. give it some time it will get out people in CA that are heavy in the scene cant even get that #3 cut.
  2. thanks for the replies that from you who have some sense! WillyWonka i wanted to thank you directly for your comments its appreciated. my wife had no intentions of doing this she does medicate but it just arose in conversation was there any information about any studies or information when talking about pregnancy. i would never gamble with my child's health my kids are very spoiled and loved with personal tutors, no expense spared trips to Disney world, extra curricular activities etc. my wife played collegiate sports and was a personal trainer and does not eat any red meats and has 5 college degrees. i guess that's more info then needed my point was I'm not some young kid just wanting to get high asking questions and honestly i dont even care to smoke much i have a passion for growing and she smokes moderately but of course quit the second she found out she was pregnant. Her getting pregnant made me think of those that rely so heavily on MMJ for pain control what their options were and if research or any controlled studies has been completed that were worth mentioning.
  3. who asked for your opinion? i was asking about medical information not someone who obviously has a iq lower then the temp outside today. the question was about asking for medical related information pertaining to this subject. MMJ is called a miracle drug all of the time by everyone everywhere who supports it and talked about no negative effects whatsoever so i wanted to know if there was any documented information pertaining to this available. i would not condone this without proper medical recommendation and proven studies. people like you are the reason i dont come to the MMMA site and stick to the main sites that are just MJ and not MMJ seems like 90% of the medical community is just a bunch of ornery (fill in the blanks) for no reason. there are to many of your type here you all need to go play in the hwy. that your real pic in your avi? I'm betting it is because you look just like what you are, a troll.....
  4. if its not to late! maybe get a puppy or a kitty and have a baby when your old enough!

  5. yeah i dont think it's a great idea but i have seen there was a study ran in Jamaica but it was such a small group of test subjects its about worthless.
  6. what is the medical recommendation from MMJ friendly doctors? I'm no doctor but i thought edibles would be the logical choice considering smoke is displacing air in the lungs. Are any case studies or any info online anywhere i cant seem to find any online. it seems crazy to be even contemplating it but then i think about all the prescriptions people are on while pregnant and it does not seem that crazy anymore.
  7. who's g13xhaze is it? soma had one and i know reeferman had one. i got refferman's a friend reqworked it for about 2 years and it's some of the best bud hands down. airborn g13 x nevils haze what a keeper!
  8. i dont know the technical reason just that an overwhelming number of educated cooks say it is more effective at exacting.
  9. doing that to my kid would have me hunting you down for the rest of my life police or not.
  10. a application fee is not piratical but understanding each of us have had our own experiences with whatever side of the fence you are on (cg or patient) i can see how someone could look for a way to not have their time wasted. i had a patient contact me and as we discussed it she mentioned wanting a "50/50 deal" and said that was the way that made most sense as we both can profit. that type of time wasting encounters makes me want to charge people to just speak to me as well lol. i would never do this obviously but maybe someone else is fed up or keeps running into this type of encounter as the patient i spoke to didn't come up with this on their own the spoke of it as if it was common which means lots of patients out here must feel the same. like mentioned free market makes asking for the moon possible but it also allows others to just ask for a pebble and you get to pick who works for you.
  11. lol I'm with kruzty I'm not giving anything away free. I'll gladly give you a free 1/2 oz for every 1/2 oz you purchase at $200 . so you have no minimum purchase requirements and may not need anything but what you get for free how is the caregiver suppose to even recoup his costs without intentionally growing overages and taking the product to the black market if he gives you basically a gram a day free?
  12. kruzty has some good genetics in those beans! that TLB NL cut is some dank stuff. been watching his pr x purp girls grow up and they look mighty fine at just a few inches tall they have crazy node spacing with big leafs nothing like I'm use to seeing come from beans but then again i'm a clone guy.
  13. it's called grafting. another option is air layering clones. if you grafted 5 strains onto one mom and then air layered 5 clones per strain you could turn 5 moms + 25 clones equaling 30 plants into a single plant much too much headache imo i change strains way to often. i have thought about testing this out and selling moms with 5 elite strains on them I'm sure that could fetch a good price!
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