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  1. Why does it matter if some people are doing this? I don't understand where your complaint is. You're angry because people can sell to other patients or caregivers legally? Don't we want legalization? I'm confused.
  2. from the bay city area but i can travel a couple hours if needed, no big deal
  3. If any of you are reps for compassion clubs here in Michigan could you please let me know if you have any clones available at your club? I am looking for some clones and some medicine that those clones produce. Some strains I am interested in are... Super Lemon Haze or Super Silver Haze Sour Diesel or NYC Diesel or any Diesel Romulan or a good strong indica for pain relief any Kush Chem Dog AK47 Blueberry Strawberry Cough If you feel your club can help me out just leave a phone number and address, thanks
  4. Well i emailed the state about this, all they could tell me was basically: "Applications are approved or denied within 15 days of receipt. If denied, the patient will receive a certified letter from the State of Michigan explaining the reasons and what to do next." "Once it has been 20 days since the date the check or money order has been cashed, and if the patient has not received a certified letter of denial from the State, then in most cases, the patient (and if a caregiver was designated on the application) has been approved. Pursuant to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and General Rules, the copy of the application is deemed a valid registration card until the card is received." "Please be aware that not all law enforcement will accept a copy of the application and you may consider waiting until the registry ID card is received or seek legal counsel before you proceed to obtain medicinal marihuana." so i'd say i should have my proof of cashed check or denial letter by now...and i dont, hm? Any lawyers willing to help me on this one?
  5. yup, hydro is 5-6... soil is 6-7 6-6.5 is actually optimal for soil, there are some nutrients that begin getting locked out at 7
  6. what is he doing to the plants that is killing them? promix=soil which is as simple as it gets if theres a problem it's most likely pH related and the soil doesnt have a pH buffer like lime is he checking the water's pH before watering? it's either that or over watering... don't water until the top 2-3" of the soil feels dry, and then only water enough that it saturates the pot, you dont want a lot of water draining from the bottom and how big are the pots/containers the plants are in? should be ATLEAST 3 gallon and that rreally isnt even enough... i recommend a 5 gallon minimum and most of all feeding with the flora nova, you should be using a tds or ec meter to measure the strength of the feedings. 500-600ppm is good for veg, 800ppm is good for flower, in soil only feed every 2 or 3 waterings really growing in soil is simple, if theres a problem its most likely very easy to fix.
  7. wow this is really a hard concept for you to understand? They file you with the state with their check. Then once the check is cashed they are supposed to provide you with the proof that it was cashed.
  8. 1000ppm seems a little high, how old are those plants?
  9. Careful with DWC, it's a root rot's dream. Use a water chiller in your res, or find a way to keep ambient temps at 70 or below. Good luck
  10. It's not like I handed some random stranger I met on the street $100 and asked him to file my application, they have their own building with 2 licenses physicians. Yes I got a receipt.
  11. yeah i heard about that months ago, i honestly find it hard to believe pharmacies are going to risk federal law considering how often the DEA raids clubs/dispensaries
  12. I didn't give the clinic in Detroit a check, I paid them in cash..their fee plus the $100 to register me with the state. So the check that was supposed to be going to the state was not my check, it was the clinic's.
  13. You shouldn't need any nutrients in ocean forest soil, it's amended with guano. As long as you are using large pots (at least 5 gallon) you won't need nutrients until flowering.
  14. It's been 2 months since I visited the MMMCN clinic in Detroit, the doctor there gave me his recommendation and they were supposed to file my application with the state. I havn't received anything from the state about my application being accepted or denied, and I havn't received anything from the clinic in Detroit either. Why is it everyone here had proof of cashed check or their check returned to them within 1 month of the filing date, but its been 2 months for me and I havn't received anything at all? If this place in Detroit stole my money and never filed my application or got my denied application and kept the returned check what can I do about it? I've called them twice since I went there 2 months ago and both times they've given me the same story but there's no way the state is this slow with cashing or returning the checks, everyone here says 20 days...it even says 20 days on MMMCN's paperwork.
  15. So when a doctor limits you to 1 pill of vicodine a day, that is wrong? I don't work for dispensaries lol. Sure he might be making money but he deserves to, setting up a proper grow room isn't cheap, neither is maintaining it. It isn't just the caregiver's time that he/she is being compensated for. Not to mention they are still at risk of federal law and their own personal safety. I'm not saying I completely agree with the caregiver's "rules" but calling him greedy is sort of a quick judgement. You could also look at this from another point of view, he may only want legitimate patients, meaning patients who most likely won't be selling their medicine, really 2oz a month should be enough for anyone... if your truly in need of medicine you should only be medicating yourself to alleviate symptoms, not get completely baked cheech and chong style. Edit: Oh and read the last line of my first response... "Not saying limiting you is right but hell you shouldn't need more than that or even be able to afford that." I never said I agree with it, just that I understand where the CG is coming from, chillax ;P
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