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  1. The feds are targeting dispensary suply lines. I was on the horn this afternoon and have a very good direction of why this is going down. They already for sure know who the main people are they are targeting they want to do a good ole shake down and hit the suppport network to a few places. The odds are they already have enough info already because they know the people now they want patient info as well to probably bring about additional re-selling charges. Nothing new here....anybody who knows how they gather INTEL knows they hit a whole network and take it all down. Somebody pissed
  2. PK has a longer flower time to many other comparable strains that are quicker. 10 weeks is to long for me. Dynamite grows quickly, shishkaberry, all the deep chunks lines, and a ton of others are much faster and the same or higher grade. Look into Chimera's gear. I have run his Mental Floss it's top shelf.
  3. Oakland County NET is wasting all this money over a few grams..wtf. If this is true thats an abomination. Wasting more tax payers money for these drug cops to keep up there lifestyles with overtime. However it does sound like some shady shiet was going on here you got snitched on for sure. Thats also why I never leave mygarbage out to the trash over night. Thats a desperate move by NET if they really did that. I am sure though that they probably just made it up. Cops lie, especially DRUG UNIT COPS. Lying is the basis for them to stay employed. Funny how some of the biggest prick poli
  4. Look into Deep Chunks. Tom Hill has them on hempdepot.com and Cannacopia has hybrids of them as well. All turn purple under cool nights and are very potent. It is listed in the Cannabible as "MONKEY BALLS" as well. Alot of breeders have incorporated the Deep Chunks as breeding stock. THey all have an intense skunk smell as well that burns thru just about every kind of zip lock bag.
  5. I hear ya about costs...but they are VERY small on the map.... I am not going to talk any personal geared smack but I know for a fact that half these clowns have never even filed tax returns personal or let alone a Corporate Tax return. IN a TRUE 501c yep they have to pay 12.99% on the employee I believe as the fed tax match from employer (501c) to the w-2 employee. But cry me a river...I operated a business just about everything can be wiped out or wittled down with LEGAL accounting maneuvers. I get you about costs and operating expenses I am business background. However I still se
  6. I do not agree with Captain Clown in any way. However, I also do not think that 25.00 a gram is NOT proper price to cahrge patients in need either. How do you respond to people like myself that think that although dispensary's do serve a need bit at what cost? When they say they have "costs" so do we all. And their is risk as apparent as the growers is at all levels. when dispensary owners try and exploit P/CG's to give under market value thats wrong as well. Granted if the product is crap then hey market dictates it. But when a dispensary thinks because they have a retail outlet and j
  7. Relief Choices are you a part of the MACC? Just curious.
  8. And remember poeple wars need money to buy supplies and feed troops. So donate whever you can to MED MJ or organizations against prohibition like NORML, or MPP. Safe access is good too or the MMMA.org I donate to causes monthly. Not trying to get recognition don't need it but I do want to tell people how important it is to fight with your wallet as well as your keyboard hands. This is more than just talking big on boards n posts. Donate however you can, time money, whatever. It all adds up. The more capital that gets infused into the PRO side the quicker we let these politicians know th
  9. required reading: The indoor outdoor medical marijuana bible by Jorge Cervantes. Teaming with Microbes by jeff lowenfels & wayne lewis. Botany for gardeners by Brian Capon. There are over a dozen I would suggest but start with these first. If you don't do yuor upfront require reading then you will have a much harder road. And since lots of CG's get tired of teaching beginners with the same redundant questions make yourself a step above the grade by simply doing yuor homework. I have had patients that are flat out lazy and ask me the same question 3 and 4 times and it wears on you
  10. Yes indeed this person needs a bigger container and is in flower so once your in FLOWER do not do a transplant it causes to much stress. This persons plant is going to see reduced yieled because of flower stresses. The plant cannot be messed with during flowering. It has to many hormonal changes it is going thru to stress it can cause herms or reduction of yield by 25-50%. Either way I go thru 3 transplants all during Vegg then about 7-10 days prior to flower room I get her in the last home let her get comfy then lave her with plenty of leg room to grow out into in the new or last conta
  11. This is overwatering ...roots are suffocating. let her dry 2 days she will probably droop then transplant to larger bucket. wait is she in flower..? is so yur screwed make do with what you can.
  12. he has amazing strains but I heard he germ rates are only 70-80%. Go with CannaCopia get the RESIN BOMB PACKAGE. That is a lot of fuxing bang for your buck bro...trust me. I have all CannaCopia's gear. That is part of my breeding baseline. Ask anyone that has smoked some of my stuff. My old page dlovas has a bunch of peeps that can vouche for it. Not that I am working for Cannacopia he just has some bad as- DEEP CHUNKS. Do your self a favor GET THE BUBBA KUSH, CHOCOLATE, and G13, then find his Cali Orange x deep chunk and MAGNUM from other seeds banks. he is a small breeder so he
  13. Electric bills they suck it comes back every month....hahah.
  14. I am all in favor of Detroit spots but in all honesty I have yet to see meds froma dispensary that can come close to my medicine on a bad day. Most of these guys were just ILLEGAL Busters that are trying to go legit. Not saying these guys are illegal or anything like that just that I hope they supply the spot with their own home grown or buy from local CG's and do not do anything STUPID as getting meds mailed in from out of state. The feds are clamping down on dumbo's that have large quantities mailed in from out of state. This is a sure way to catch some serious felonies by acepting meds
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