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  1. Seeds are too random, as in, many of the currently marketed cbd seeds don't have high levels of cbd in them. You'd have to select and then pay for lab testing to know what the actual cbd level is. I'd recommend locating cuttings of already proven strains. There is a genetics club in Ann Arbor that carries a few cbd strains.
  2. I'd like to see this done in soil and not hydroponics. Can you achieve this in soil, indoors? How about starting with (4) tens first? -just in case one or two get dutch elm.
  3. How many signatures are needed and what's the strategy? What are the odds of acquiring that many ziggys?
  4. just change your timers by an hour, the plants won't mind.
  5. I've learned to not freak out if a plant hermies. full blown fat pollen sacks can be a serious problem. late flowering small narrow hermies often don't pollenate anything.
  6. Orange Jilly this particular jilly bean is medium stretchy forms a wide bush easily, not tight buds at all, more saty-like lengthy colas. good vigor and yield. tiny thin hermies seen but don't believe they are viable. definite orange smell/peel flavor.
  7. I like the cutting only, MI star tonic, it's half cbd and very pleasant all around. ez to grow/shape. smell n taste, fruit and fuel. hope that genotype place carries it again soon! hey everybody been awhile. Have a good one!
  8. perhaps someone could tell from the finished flowers, but you may not be able to tell unless you submit a sample for cbd/thc testing. ten dollars sounds affordable for a clone, as long as it's properly identified. if you acquired it off craigslist it may not be cannatonic at all. In addition to a bunch of other CBD strains there are at least 3 individual cannatonics, w varying levels of cbd, at genotype a (a2). > also, I finally got that stonage-dinafem-'cbdiesel' to reveg enough to get cuttings from it. she likes a lot of light and can't be rootbound for long or it's autofl
  9. No Phaque the agent wasn't here when I moved here! i did buy a nu 12 pk. of underwear, a few yrs back, when I heard who purchased the nicest hse in block though. The family before use to crank pink floyd through the woods, new agent man has arsenal and bunker. he cleared the background-check so no sweat...
  10. ^^ read 'sensible' post. i live two doors dwn from an FBI agent, perhaps one day i can help him. tell ya what tho, the guy's been a nuisance firing off all kinds of personal fire arms... but I guess he can do as he pleases within reason. lol
  11. op already said she is a non-growing renter patient who has her card and willing to relocate if need be. leo can come over to ask for a bowl of sugar... is about it. screw being all secretive in a situation where it shant matter. discretion is nice, freedom is even nicer. you remember freedom without worry? Nope, that was another country... sorry my bad.
  12. who knows maybe the officer uses the same brand of rolling papers as you. normally I wldnt advise this, but just talk to your new neighbor if smoking w the window open is so important. you sure can't do it outside.
  13. self fulfilling prophecy yep. gotta have faith, like the george michael song.
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