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  1. Cheesewreck, WE have only 6 more days till the meeting, come along for the ride, bring some friends..
  2. WE would be glad to have you cheesewreck I am sure you would enjoy the people. bring a friend or two even.
  3. April 6th 2013 Clare County Compassion Club would like to invite you and your family n friends to our meeting.. We are one of the longest running Compassion Clubs... We are hosting our meetings n a public library (safe place) . These are Free, Yes FREE, NO member Dues or fees to come. These meetings are from 12pm -2pm Pere Marquette Public Library . Pere Marquette District Library 185 E. 4th Street Clare, MI 48617. http://www.clarecountycompassionclub.com/index.php?/calendar/1-community-calendar/day-2013-04-6
  4. My money is on Imiubu..I will be here..
  5. If Annie and Imiubu are in , I think I am in as well ,I have some biker friends up north (they have cards ) I can invite them as well
  6. No, But the pills they give you , with side affects you could qualify . They put this in the law.
  7. I have helped start several clubs. If I can be of any assistance , Please let me know. Compassion Clubs have to be built on Compassion Club, Build it they will come. Look for a safe place for people to come to . Like our meetings are held n Library, other places have been churches , Bars , believe it or not. But build it they will come.
  8. Clare County Compassion Club would like to invite you, Your friends, and family to our next meeting, March 23rd, 2013 . This club is FREE . No member dues, No signing in . We are Simply a Educational / Informational meeting . These are held in the Clare Public Library . Every other week . We will be having Jamie Lowell as a guest speaker.. We are one of the oldest Compassion Clubs around. And held n a public Library.. Where we have been for almost 5 years now. There is No medicine allowed at the Library . ( Pere Marquette District Library 185 E. 4th Street Clare, MI 48617 ) http://www.clareco
  9. Herb Cannabis, You are wasting your time n effort n here.. No matter what you say it will be turned around on you. ,Love ya brother keep up the good work.. P.S have you notice yet there are only a cpl people n here besides you? Same people brother. .come on out of here..I have a place you can come n chat at..I will send you the link..
  10. We are hosting a meeting March 9th, 2013..FREE to public Clare ,Mich. Library 12pm-2pm..http://www.clarecountycompassionclub.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register
  11. We need to teach people(jurrors,Future jurrors) that any medical cannabis ,NOT GUILTY..
  12. Clare County Compassion Club . ning is considering doing another BBQ. We are looking to see how many are or would be interested n Joining us? We have been getting alot of requests lately for us to have another one.So WE thought we would ask and see if anyone else would b or is interested n Joining us. We would supply the meat as allways..And everyone brings a dish to pass..This will be n a safe place....This would be for Patients/caregivers and spouses of(less someone needs someone to drive them there)..This would be held in Clare County..Please let us know if you would be interested n joining
  13. Only one person can have the 12 plants..Either you or a cg..You can have plants and have a caregiver..but only one can have plants.If hes cg for others..he could simply transfer a cpl plants up to 12 to you..Thats if you have room..But only one person can have possesion of the 12 plants.
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