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  1. Yes, i can see you took the time to click thru and READ something outside your frozen mindset - lol
  2. Myth to some, common knowledge for the well read.. http://www.420magazine.com/forums/hormones/155754-endocrine-effects-marijuana.html
  3. Although i have no great concerns about the immediate toxicity of cannabis compounds upon mother or child, my still nagging doubt is about THC's estrogen analog effect on the developing fetus. (you know, man boobies and such...)
  4. Lol, doom and gloom the sky is FALLING! (I'm moving to AFGANISTAN!) 99% of uninformed patients who read this unrelenting crying and gnashing of teeth are disturbed and sign off, congratulations on destroying the movement from the inside. Thankfully most patients have better sources of information than this moaning pool...
  5. That's not to worry about, it's the drones they have know in the skies- they follow you all the way home and mark your home with die so all the po-po know which people to shootz! believe me cause iz real scarred (and stupid)
  6. Wow, my renewal card arrived before i was forced to start carrying paperwork again! Sent in my renewal application March 3, received new hard today, April 27th.
  7. I too have several "flower" vaporizers collecting dust on shelves since the Omicron made the scene. There is an inherent limitation to the old vape concept, in that much of the vaporised oil is readily absorbed by the plant material and never makes it out of the bowl. (short of combustion) In these oil vape's there is no such limitation, loss's are minimized, and dose's are quantifiable. I can't say enough about the discrete and odorless utility of the Omicron, or about how much preparation and consumption time is saved when using this device. Pretty much anywhere, anytime, always ready to roll.
  8. In all my 20yrs of intensively perusing the internets I have never once read of someones arrest and prosecution for receiving seeds through the mail. That doesn't mean it hasn't happened somewhere, somehow - but the odds seem to be in our favor...
  9. I think you need to use smaller words, there's a low ceiling hovering over these posts...
  10. Can you mention what pesticides you are able to screen for patients?
  11. There are actually two flavors to that button, at the top of the page (above the search/forums pane) there is the" view new content" button which will take you to content active since your last visit. At the bottom of the page is the aforementioned "today's active content" button, which comes in handy if you accidentally clear the "new content" cookie, but still just want to see what threads have been updated. Small but useful distinction.
  12. just change the pronunciation, that should suffice...
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