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  1. The jury isn't allowed to ask any questions... That's why we need to make them aware of the situation on their way into the courthouse right before they become a juror... We should have a huge protest outside the courthouse everytime there is going to be a jury trial, hand out the act to everyone entering and an information sheet stating the REAL facts...
  2. Unfortunately I believe that's what the judicial system has become all about, scare tactics, even if you're not guilty, they'll get their money and add a win to their belt buckle... It's standard jury instruction not to read the law, but for the jury to follow the judge gives them, it's not stated that way usually because that would probably tip the jury off. Usually the judge says, you need to follow the law this court provides you, my judge stated it several times throughout the course of the trial, it's annoying cause all I wanted to do was hand the jurors a copy of the law. It's extreme
  3. Had the judge allowed the prosecution to process it down there would have still been plenty of objections, like I said in one of my other posts in one of the forums or blogs, one of the things that really urked me was noone seemed to recognize the material wasn't usable at the time they took it, had it not been very good I would've probably used it for hash or cannabutter. I don't care if they processed it down and came up with a pound of the best medical marijuana they'd ever tested, it wasn't usable at the time they took it... I appreciate it, when this is all said and done I'll ha
  4. Who knows... LOL. I hate the court system, they don't do anything quick... When they put me in jail on the Medical Marijuana related stuff they called my probation officer and violated my probation. We had a good judge for the violation until he retired, now we have Bowman in Oakland County Circuit, that's the only date I'm sure of, it's January 31st at 8:30am, it's weird, he wants to go ahead with that and I haven't even gotten through my Oakland County Possession with Intent. Our last judge was going to wait and make a decission based on what happened with the criminal charges, but Bowma
  5. No more ankle braclet, one criminal case down two to go... :)

  6. satdude84

    Jury Trial

    I notice you said you were there, is your name an Alias? Cause total there were 6 people viewing besides the Jury, Judge, Prosecution and Defense. Those 6 were my Mom, Aunt, Sister, Sister's boyfriend, my Step Dad, and the Door Man from the Waterford case.
  7. Well they searched my car without a warrant, found paraphenalia in the trunk along with a quarter ounce in the arm rest. All the bags of residue they found they put in a large plastic bag with the quarter ounce and weighed it all, including their bag, total they came up with 55grams, when they sent it to the lab the lab took out all the "plant material" and weighed it as 22grams. But that included all the "residue" from the other bags, which were stems...
  8. Same to you Mizerman, it was great seeing everybody, I really appreciate all the support... Thanks...
  9. Thank You everyone for seeing this, it's the one thing I think was really missed. The judge, the prosecutor, even the newspaper seemed to focus mainly on the fact the prosecution could have processed it down and presented it, but noone seemed to see that even in that form, I was still legal. I had no usable marijuana at my grow room, somehow they presented 7lbs of garbage.
  10. satdude84

    Jury Trial

    It's fine, hopefully you can make it to the next one, it'll be closer for you anyway... Stay Strong, hope all goes well for both of you... Let me know if there is anything I can do to help... Thanks...
  11. satdude84

    Jury Trial

    Thank You, I remember as well, people didn't think I should've called the police and what not, all I was thinking about at that time was, I just had a gun put to my head, get these guys off the streets, next time they might kill someone. I can't say if I had it to do over again I would, I know the hassle from the police and prossecution has been a heavy weight not only on me but my family and children, I wouldn't wish this on anyone, especially over a beautiful, elegant plant let alone a medicine. Had I known what I now know, I may not have called the police, but I can't say for sure, caus
  12. After all I've been through, the look on the PA's face was almost worth it, not that I wish that kind of pain on anyone, without going into too much detail, keeping in mind Oakland County still has an open case, I would describe it as painfully dumbfounded. By the way, Atty: Michael Komorn did an amazing job, if I thought anyone would read it I would try to get the transcripts and post them, although there are probably thousands of pages, one of the most evident facts was he failed to give up, he kept fighting even when it looked hopeless, most of his words fell on def ears, until the law
  13. Something I'd like to add... All the Plant Material they brought into that court room they either took out of my garbage or took from drying lines. Obviously at the time the stuff drying wasn't usable, but no one seems to recognize that, they took it while it was drying, finished drying it improperly then presented it as weight including seeds stalks and roots. They had two bags of plant materials, the heaviest was the one which had the stuff they took out of my garbage, as I looked in the bottom of the bag I viewed at least one large root ball with Hydroton weaved throughout, not to mentio
  14. satdude84

    Jury Trial

    BTW, everyone, thank you for the congrats, lets hope my next case goes even better. I invite anyone who wishes to support in anyway...
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