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  1. www.mustbsafe.com/must/ is the website. Subtitled under the header is the disclaimer for.....Medical Marijuana / Marinol.
  2. :thumbsu: YOU ARE GONNA LIKE IT HERE!! WELCOME!! :goodjob:
  3. Still very new and I took the opportunity to tune in to Webisode #29 tonight in its entire format. I continue to be encouraged and appreciative to you long term members that are working to bring this issue to the public and our Legislative Branch of government. I have found a number of very informative posts all across this website. Thank you again for all you do for those that aren't able to do for themselves. Keep up the great work. i am going back to learning. May 25th at Noon. We have to remember to THANK our legislators that show support as we EDUCATE those that are opposed.
  4. See now, I personally would rather donate a dropped dime to her fundraising birthday party taped inside a special greeting card about how I feel about her and her back door political fundraising. It may cost more out of pocket to purchase it but it leaves no trail back to me either. Medicated and thinking out loud.
  5. Thanks for the welcome Doc. Appreciate the advice. Two ears, one mouth, must be a reason.
  6. Hello to all. I am a lymphoma cancer patient with paperwork, awaiting my card. Looking forward to being as active as I can be to helping the cause. Thanks to those of you who are doing the right thing to help those in need. I live in South East Macomb County and will be looking forward to attending and participating in meetings and rallies. Thank you for your hard work to make this site what it is. I am not looking or asking for assistance at this time, just want to try to fit in to what is a fight for life for some of us. Helping each other is what it is all about.
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