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  1. I've enjoyed vaporizing for many years now and have tried a wide variety of vaping outfits. My favorite will always be the "Cadillac" of vaporizers, the Volcano. As far as hand held, portable vapes go, my fave is the Vapir II, it is handy and versatile, with great temperature control. I've found that vapeing using the pens allows you no control of the temperature and burns the material, rather than actually vaping it. The pens are very effective when using them with extracts like "honey oil" or the like. I know you will enjoy vaporizing, once you get the hang of it. Peace ... j.b.
  2. I've been using the Vapor Cone for the past 3 months and have found it to be most adequate. I've probably put 4 grams of concentrates through it so far. I had to replace the glass cartridge with a plastic one as the glass got cracked and leaked product slowly. The new plastic cartridge is a lot better for me as I can be a bit rough on equipment...lol...it is easy to fill and gives excellent medical delivery. The battery stays charged for well over a week at a time and, so far, I've had no problems with that aspect. Overall, I would give the unit a grade of A+. Peace ... j.b.
  3. "500 to 1000 a month for electric alone is just freakin crazy." I grow medicine for my wife and I, under t-5's (veg) and a single 600W set up (flower). It adds approx. $40 to my monthly electric bill and provides us with PLENTY of high quality meds for the two of us. The amount of money you are talking about is "freakin crazy" and would be a huge grow...looks like you really need to do a lot more investigation and have a better idea of what you are going to do, long before your first seed/clone goes into your grow medium. Peace...j.b.
  4. I am a HepC patient, went through the interferon program at the U of M. The interferon nearly killed me and my doctors eventually removed me from the program. While I can't speak specifically to your question on RSO's effect on the illness, I can swear by the use of cannabis to assist one through the interferon treatment. I had a liver transplant 15 years ago when my liver failed. There were 13 others getting liver transplants in the same hospital at that time. Of the 14 patients (including myself) I was the only patient who was using cannabis therapy in conjunction with the other treatments. Of the 14 patients, I am the only one who hasn't succumbed to the disease. I attribute that to my cannabis use. Considering that RSO is, putting it simply, a cannabis concentrate, one could postulate that it should be effective against this debilitating condition. Hope this helps you and all others with HepC to make the decision to include some form of cannabis in their treatments. Peace ... j.b.
  5. "People still use libraries?" Yes they do, I'm not particularly interested in these new Ebooks and those new fangled readers that everyone else seem to be using, so I, like thousands of other readers, read books. Rather than pay $20-50 for a new book, it is logical for one to borrow reading materials from the library... Peace ... j.b.
  6. Kingdiamond sez- "it would not faze me one bit to find out this was staged by anti legalization opponents from the government to make cannabis users look dangerous ." Another interested party...the Mexican drug cartels...could have sent a couple of their boys in to discredit legalization... Peace y'all
  7. I got to speak with DJ for about half an hour outside of the Monroe Street Fair on Saturday. Rather interesting fellow, we talked a bit about his breeding regimen, then discussed patient access. He favors more of a farm market type of setup, somewhat like you find at 3GC...I would love to sit through one of his classes, should be real informative... Peace ... j.b.
  8. Did they write that article with me in mind? I was 17 in '67 and involved in the Peace Movement at that time. I smoked my share of "weed" back in the day. I am now G'pa to 4 beautiful grandchildren and now smoke "medical marijuana" to assist me with a variety of ailments. Personally, I don't care who knows that I partake of my medicine and work hard to instruct others of the benefits that I derive from this plant. My only regret is that change has come much to slowly for my tastes. Peace ... j.b.
  9. The expo's I've attended in the past have consisted of a wide variety of vendors and educators in many aspects of the cannabis industry. You may find glass blowers along with grow system innovators, doctors doing recommendations, head shops and, of course, Compassion Clubs and MINORML. There usually is not any medicine available on site, but, sometimes there are options available to carded patients. These events are open to the public, are put together to not only educate those who are currently patients/caregivers, but are great for educating the general public. Peace....j.b.
  10. Hola sola! Yes it has been a while, I'm on the mend, been very disabled this past 5 months, did some time in the hospital. Doctors say it will be a few more months of rehab til I'm back to near 100%. The original 'cano that I got from Treating Yourself is still in use. I now use a Digital model, not as happy with it as I've been with the original...takes longer to heat up. Needless to say, with me in recovery mode, my 'cano has been getting a real work out these past few months and it too is holding up quite well... Peace ... j.b.
  11. I have been using the Vapir II for a couple of years now and for a smaller, hand held it works comparably to the Volcano. I started vaping about 12 years ago, using homemade vapes. About 10 years ago I won my first Volcano from the fine folks at Treating Yourself and I've been using a 'Cano ever since. I have to say that of all of the portables available out there the Vapir II is the best I've tried so far. ENJOY!! Peace...j.b.
  12. Exactly, b-lucky! The patient has several options available to him because patients are not restricted in how they obtain the medicine. If I go out and buy something from a guy delivering at the parking lot of a local business, and the police nab me and the seller, I should be allowed to go free from the encounter. The seller, however, will likely have to spend at least one night in a cold and dangerous jail cell. With some forethought and discretion no one should be going to jail at all... Peace ... j.b.
  13. The Peter Principle is a belief that, in an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit, that organization's members will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. The principle is commonly phrased, "Employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence." In more formal parlance, the effect could be stated as: employees tend to be given more authority until they cannot continue to work competently. A phenomenon definitely demonstrated by Michigan's court system...Peace ... j.b.
  14. Please sign, took me all of 5 minutes. We need to hammer our reps in Washington and let them know how important this is to our future health. j.b.
  15. I appreciate their working towards individualization approach. A proper mix of THC and the various cannabinoids, flavinoids and terpines, designed for your particular ailment, makes so much sense. Peace ... j.b.
  16. Quite lovely ladies there...seeing this you've made me want to put some of the seeds that I acquired into soil. Keep up the good work. Peace ... j.b.
  17. Happy Festivus to the rest of us! Wishing my extended cannabis family the best this holiday season. Peace, Juztbudz
  18. "Also if I'm not mistaken, out of state medical marijuana patients are NOT protected by the MMMA." You are mistaken, Michigan is one of about 5 medical marijuana states that does allow out of state visitors total protection. From your statements, you seem headed down a slippery slope. No one, but a persons doctor and the patient himself, should have any say in whether the patient is qualified. The doctor is the "gate-keeper". Recent legislation will eventually eliminate these "certification mills", doctors will be held responsible for more than just a cursory exam and signature. I've been involved in the program since the early days, have watched the program evolve (?) and IMHO less than 2% of the patients I've met may not meet qualifications. That 2% will be gradually "weeded" out and find it more and more difficult to receive re-certification. Your concerns are being addressed. Peace ... j.b.
  19. The bulk of home fires start in the kitchen, and are due to cooking in those kitchens. Are they about to ban home cooking? Given their line of reason, that is what should happen. Can't wait for MickeyD's to point this fact out to the Canadian legislators. Peace...j.b.
  20. There used to a couple that were kinda shady, but that was a couple of years ago. I've visited several in the area over the past year and find that they are all fine establishments, good meds at reasonable prices. I always feel safe in these places, coming and going.
  21. Typical b.s., we try to live within the rules of society and get busted left and right while they stray further and further from the straight and narrow with little or no consequences...and they wonder why no one respects the laws or their enforcers anymore. Willing to bet that this LEO doesn't do one day for this attack, he may get some paid vacation tho...what a sham, what a shame...j.b.
  22. I see this as the opening volley of another long drawn out battle. In no way is the Fed. gov't ready to give it up, and they have most of the bullets. If Colorado and Washington state do go ahead and follow the will of their voting public they will likely find themselves cut off from any federal subsidies and assistance. We will once again dance the two steps forward and 1-3 steps back as the feds play their $$$$ games. It is a step forward however, and that is something....we shall see, we shall see.... Peace ... j.b.
  23. HWB, there are no fees involved in getting an updated SSI letter indicating that you are presently receiving benefits. Peace...j.b.
  24. With all of those various ailments do you have more than one physician that you normally see? I would recommend utilizing a couple of your normal doctors, the ones who know you best and could possibly write your recommendation based on that knowledge. I know that it can be somewhat daunting to approach these folks, but it will save you considerable amounts of money and hassle. I would talk to these doctors first, with a parent or guardian in tow, sitting in on the visit. Best of luck to you in your pursuit... Peace ... j.b.
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