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  1. I agree that this issue has to do with money, mostly passing thru the coffers politicians, LEO and if they have their way, large dispensaries. As Imiubu said-if the state and local LEO and gov implementent, enforced and regulated the law properly we wouldn't be having these growing pains. However I doubt even this will SAVE the children as we have all seen how much medication (both herbal and pharmaceutical) is diverted to the black market. Hell look into the "bath salts" that are being sold at gas stations, paint, gas, butane, varnish.........hell i've even read about kids in the rural m
  2. I should be there. Someone remind me. Also, on another thread somebody proposed starting a calendar for upcoming court dates.
  3. Well my evening started off watching the "never get busted again" videos on youtube. Afterwards I couldn't pass on some of the related police brutality videos. Which brings me back to the my topic. Increasingly cops are intimidating, bullying, confiscating equip., and arresting people for filming cops "doing their job" in public spaces, these people work for us but don't want to be held accountable for their actions. After watching scores of videos for 2 1/2 hrs with no end in sight I see why. I know not all leos behave like this but far too many have been caught red handed on tape. They'll te
  4. I don't think I read that much in my first 2 years of college, that's alot of legaleeze. 2 things struck me in the memo; did the clerk(author) say/imply P2P transfers were illegal? and secondly how can a PA and judge not allow the mentioning of being a legal MMMA patient at trial. If it's not a federal case why is the federal legality of MM pertainant. If the county or state is bringing the charges don't they have to follow state law. SH
  5. Being a newb to posting on this site(I was lurking long before I joined) I see this first hand. I'm on this site reading and educating myself 2-6hrs a day,5-7 days a week, but when it comes time to locate some clones for my CG I see tumble weeds rolling around my posts, I understand, nobody knows me from Adam, and with only 20 posts everybody stays away. It's tough to sort out who's real and who's LEO. What's sad is for every 1 LEO 10 or 20 newbs get the cold shoulder. I can't say I blame you, C.Y.A. is a good rule to live by. SB hit the nail on the head, use your intuition. If they PM questio
  6. Greetings, my CG doesn't have internet right now so I'm help with the cyber leg work. He's having trouble locating healthy clones in the Howell/Fenton area he is just starting out and has nothing to trade yet but is fine with a reasonable donation. He is not set on any specific strains but indica dominant is prefered for height reasons (4 1/2' from tote to light is max height). Any help or leads is appreciated. Thanks, SH
  7. Thanks again Dr. Bob for showing us the other side of the coin on these issues. As a generalization, over the last 15 yrs. I see my DC between every 2 weeks to 2 months for "maintainence", and as often as 3x/week for 3 or so weeks if I really jacked my back up. The most recent episode was slightly different and slightly more severe so I did go see a 'regular' Dr.,result... Flexeral and Mortin 600 as needed for pain. The follow up 5 days later did not impress me any more with 'regular' Drs, he agreed that he had never seen an x-ray like mine and asked if I needed more or stronger pills, when
  8. I agree with you on the med. records for those and a few other reasons. Having a genetic predisposition to back problems combined with 15 yrs. construction work I've been seeing a chiropractors since my early teens. I'm quite healthy otherwise and haven't had a regular family doc in almost 2 decades for a number of reasons; fincial(office visits and scripts add up fast w/o ins.), efficacy(not addressing the cause of pain, just medicate), lack of patient dr. relationship (How can a dr. build a relationship in less than 5 min ),and few other health issues(other than back or random injury). For d
  9. Thanks for clearifing, I understand Docs don't perscribe MMJ but write recommendations. So why is it that so many docs agree with the benefits of MMJ but are apprehensive(scared?) about recommmending.
  10. It's my understanding that the FDA controls a Docs ability to write scrips. It may be legal to recommend MM in MI but the Feds are different. A doc could loose scrip writing privledges(FDA) without sanctioning from the state. I believe this is why soon many doctors are reluctant to recommend. As an example, I have a close friend suffering from As http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ankylosing_spondylitis ALL of his docs(5 or 6) feel he would benefit but none will sign off in a recommendation.
  11. BG thanks again, I thought you needed to drop close to 2 bills +ship to get most of the freebies..... it's the other way around. I just mocked up an order, buy 4 beans(34#s) get 10 free I might be able to make this work.
  12. SpartanHort, on 17 February 2011 - 01:43 PM, said: JimD, Im in a simular situation, my CG and I are finishing my cabinet now with clones going in on March 1st. This is the set up we went with: 4'w x 8'l x 6'h 2" x 3" framing ----17 @ 8'......................$1.70= $29.00 1/2" osb floor ----1 sheet ......................$8.00= $8.00 7/16" osb front(doors) & top ----3 sheets........$7.00= $21.00 1/2 dry wall ---4 sheets ........................$6.50= $26.00(we found 5 sheets for 75% off in the cull pile) 4" inline duct fan ............................... $25.00 ^ $10 oscilati
  13. Thanks for the info BG, doesn't sound too bad. I won't have my shet together in time to catch this promo but I'm already looking forward to their 5th B-day.
  14. I've always been curious about that, do they usually sail right through UPS or fed ex? what if they get stuck at customs, are you SOL? I would love to get some mail order beans but the amount of cash involved and the federales have me a little nervous. SH
  15. It's really not that difficult to follow; I have a caregiver, WE built a cabinet. I in no way implied I was growing.
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