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  1. I am a big fan of the MOCC, Bob and cristinew! Dean actually saved me when i had my first meeting... i got to overwhelmed and he jumpped in to finish my meeting off for me.... MOCC is compiled of good people and i will be attending as many of their meetings as i can!
  2. Thanx zapatos! Sadly i will be in Higgins lake that week but i will keep my eyes peeled for their next meeting... Celliach, PM was sent
  3. Its good to have the spare time to post... Want to get to some meetings tho... still no word on any this week or even in the coming weeks if need be... I really need to get out of the house! lol
  4. TY! Not new as stated before, but still TY! Nice to type with some fellow warriors!
  5. Same id... not a poster... dont get into the whole online drama too much and there was a lot of that too back then... still is.... I did get a lot of good information tho cause i am a reader.... I have another name when i was running the Dearborn Compassion Club... had a few posts but mainly just for meeting reminders... Havent done anything with that for years tho.... Kinda just want to get back out there tho... started to be a lil more active with my knowledge and want to share and get any new info that may be out there!
  6. I get it.... I have been coming here since the beginning and i shyed away for a while but figured try again... It used to be a very popular and useful sight.... Hope it gets back to that.... we need a powerful center for this movement.... I am reminded of that little saying "United we stand, divided we fall!"
  7. Wow this place isnt as active as it used to be huh... of well, all good things come to an end...
  8. I need to start making my way back to club meetings to get around people who get me... Any going on tonight or in the next couple of weeks near the detroit area? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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