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    State of Confusion
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    I like the fact that I can grow my own medicine and make myself healthy again. I haven't been healthy for years and all the doctors want to do is give me more pharmacueticals.
  1. The VA docs had me on such a high dose of fentanyl that it took me 17 months of wanting to die thru detox to get completely off of them.
  2. I'm really curious as to how this turned out. My clones died due to a nute mishap. I was trying to run Lucas method and was told to run it at 5/10 and that was fine when they were fresh out of the cloner but as the got older and got put under the MH that was enough nutrients and I couldn't get the mix right. I have since went back to my original nutes which is Gen Hydro Grow and Bloom Flora Nectar Pineapple Rush, Flora Blend, Floralicious Plus and Liquid Kool Bloom. I am having a problem with being over nuted so I think I am going to drop the Liquid Kool Bloom which I did not use on my first plants which produced 11 and 12 ounces after trimmed.
  3. Things are going good, it's looking like I will be going to the market on the 24th, and unless big things happen we won't be there on the 31st, that's my mother's birthday.

  4. Hi gal, sorry so long sense last talked but lots happening. Hope to make to the Market the 31st maybe see ya there. Pops

  5. Congrats on the hefty plant :)

  6. How did court go? I hope everything went well and you are just taking a break from our site here!!

  7. I'm sure it's not your fault this happened Mike. Like someone said earlier in the thread, "she is known for this sort of thing??", I guess you just got lucky for the two years you used that mother.
  8. No nanners when they got put to bed last night but they sure as hell were there this morning. As soon as hubby gets up she will get cut down, that's too bad because she was really looking great!!
  9. Good Luck Tomorrow, hopefully you won't need it because you have all of your stuff.
  10. Yeah, I'm not seeing anything like that yet and I went in and looked at half a dozen buds today.
  11. I took my clones yesterday because I thought that was the first day that we could cut them.
  12. I heard that both Lemon Cake and SkyWalker are both good for anxiety. I havent tried the SkyWalker yet but the LC seems to work pretty good but its awefully hard to find. And if you do find it I heard that you want to be careful becuz there is a good one and a bad one.
  13. donnachris

    Donna's grows

    Pictures of my plants as they grow up and up and up!!!
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