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  1. The breakers will only trip when there's too much amperage being pulled. Power surges are a different thing than high amperage. The spike in the electricity can easily bypass a circuit breaker without tripping it but be extremely damaging to any equipment that is digital. I have seen these spikes Wipeout TVs, computers, etc. I have a lot of money wrapped up into my equipment and I'm now looking forward to protecting it. Most of these surge suppressors are very affordable, just need to make sure they are compatible protection wise with the equipment I am running. Thank you for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it!
  2. Wondering if the ones you buy for your big screen TVs would be compatible with digital seeing as how most of those electronics are digital now. Not sure about the amperage pull though. Although I'm running six 315w total, I'm only running three lights per circuit, so that's only drawing 9 amps per circuit.
  3. I guess I never really thought about it before, but now that I have a lot of money wrapped up in equipment I'm wondering if anyone has ever used or thought about using a surge suppressor to protect their expensive equipment from Power surges? If so, does anyone have any recommendations? I could haphazardly search Amazon or something, but I want to make sure I get one that is compatible with my equipment. I'm running all digital ballast in my flower room with CMH bulbs. I'm assuming any decent brand name surge suppressor should cover the rest of my equipment, but I'm not sure if there's a special one recommended for digital equipment. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. Thanks for that Slappy! I believe that makes a little more sense to me now as I followed the GH chart which has similar numbers. One of the main ingredients I eliminated was floralicious plus. Supposedly it makes your plants taste and smoke smoother. Extremely expensive stuff and after I eliminated it I could not tell a difference or neither could anyone else who had tried my medicine. All it did was make my plants and house smell to the point I almost lost my job, lol! They have me using some humic acid but I'm starting to wonder if that's even necessary at this point. What do you think about using something like Schultz. Use the same formula from beginning to end? Just make sure it's dissolved very well before adding to the barrel. I've had pretty good success using Schultz in soil, I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work in a hydro system, unless I'm overlooking something. I could add some cool Bloom towards the end to help the flowers. Just don't know because I really have no one to help me with this and and thinking I can get better results. What are your thoughts?
  5. I just realized I used the word fertilizer when I meant to use the word nutrients. I must have been a little over medicated when typing this post, lol!
  6. Hi Slappy, Thanks for the response! I guess I have led a sheltered growing life, LOL, but what is Lucas ratio, and dispo? Could you give me an example of how you're using these nutrients throughout the grow? I have only learned the General Hydroponics schedule and a very ignorant of other ways to hydro.
  7. Has anyone ever grown hydroponically with a commercially bought fertilizer such as Schultz or Miracle-Gro? Currently I am using General Hydroponics and while it does a decent job I'm not that impressed. I have everything dialed in but still get smaller sized buds and gaps between the nodes on the colas. I have a growing plan outlines by the company and over the years have followed it to the T. And the last couple of years I've eliminated a few of their ingredients and have seen no difference in the growth taste or quality of my plants. Seems to me I've been pissing my money away and nutrients I really didn't need and I'm wondering how crucial some of these really are? Wondering if I could go with something like Schultz throughout the entire growth cycle and maybe get better results? Does anyone have any experience or knowledge if this is possible? I'd be very interested in any information anyone has regarding this issue.
  8. The extraction machine only Heats to about a hundred and seven degrees Max, just enough to boil off the alcohol. It's all done under a vacuum so you can use it safely in your house. I'm not an expert at this so from my understanding the heat would have to be much higher than this in order for it to decarboxylate? Maybe I'm wrong though, like I said I'm no expert, just trying to learn the stuff. Thank you!
  9. Okay while we're at it, LOL, one more question that kind of popped up last night. I have a patient who is requesting CBD oil for his anxiety. However I need to make sure he doesn't get high off of it as he will need it at work. I believe this is achieved by simply extracting the oil from the plant with the alcohol, then running it through the extraction machine? Then what I add a carrier oil to thin it back out? If so what should I use? And I understand as long as it's not heated from this point forward he will be getting CBDs but not thc's so it should not give him the high he doesn't want?
  10. Okay! Great tip I would have never thought about drying out the medicine before adding the alcohol.
  11. Awesome, thank you! Would love a link to your blogs if you had the time.
  12. Just purchased an extraction machine and I'm going to start making my own distillate for vaping. Have just a couple questions I'm having trouble getting clarified and wondering if anyone on here would know. 1. Should I decarboxylate before extracting or after, or does it not matter? I know that vaping will heat the oil and do some decarboxylating itself, but is there any advantage to decarboxylating before extracting? I.e. will you release more THC - A by decarbing first? 2. Grind or leave whole? I know grinding it smaller gives more surface area allowing the solvent to gather more oil as it passes over the plant. However, to my surprise I've seen many say you should never grind as it destroys trichomes and can remove some of the terpenes. However I don't see how leaving bigger chunks would be better, seems like the solvent wouldn't be able to penetrate into the plant as far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am a newbie to this process. Thanks!
  13. Thank you for the answers, I really appreciate it! It's hard to believe that they would allow us to have medical and recreational combined! Figured for sure they would limit you one way or the other!
  14. Just wondering if anyone knows can you have a medical grow and a recreational grow in the same house, for the same person? I have read tons of Articles and forums but have not seen an answer for this anywhere. Even my recommending Dr for my card had no idea about this either.
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