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  1. Bug Maintenance is part of growing imo. I spray even if I don't see any sign of bugs. I always do my sprays in veg. I do a perpetual grow. I use neem, azmax, mighty wash, I spray every 5 days three times total. I spray the dirt and the floors to. I never use the same product in my 15 day spray. I do this about every 6 weeks. I haven't yet had bugs in the bud room. I use a Hudson 99598 electric atomizer sprayer because it covers all the plant the best. If I had bugs in the bud room id use the mighty wash or azmax but id do it a couple weeks before harvest even though it says day of is fine. If you use mighty wash, it must be used within 30 minutes. After that it seems useless. If you bring in clones spray them before you put them in your grow room. Always spray 3 times for best results. Spraying sucks, Mites suck. Its part of growing for most of us.
  2. do my veg during the day. Don't check the bud room until after 7pm. It sux a bit but worth the savings. A buddy told me about having my smart meter changed and im very glad he did. Well worth the savings to me.
  3. Im saving over 60% on my electric bill after having my smart meter switched to time of day. Like T pain says. Run everything in off peak hours for big savings.
  4. And if anyone knows of a wall mounted osc. fan that's any good please let me know.
  5. I can move them in a bit. I'll try that first but would still like to put a light in the center. Any advice on what LED fixture to use?
  6. My room is 14x14 and has 4 1k hps lights with air cooled hoods. There is a spot in the center of the lights that does not get enough light. I'd like to add some kind of light in the center and was hoping someone could help me with what kind of light to use. I only have a 4 plug 220 timer box so I wouldn't be able to plug into 220 without running some more wiring into the room but I have 110 available. Heat should not be an issue as I have plenty of cooling. Thanks for any help.
  7. I have a patient who has found a new caregiver and I haven't found any info on how the state knows this. I have sent in paperwork for a new patient but I'm worried that if my old patient has not sent in paperwork for a new caregiver that the state might find that I have to many patients. I have 5 patients. Thanks for any info peeps.
  8. I put mine in 5 gal pots right out of the cloner. veg to 24-30 inches. Use fox farm and rarely get less then 3.5 oz. per. I have seen my yields decrease, And my buds get fluffier after my 1000 watt hps bulbs get to old.
  9. So if the wife grows in one room for herself and some patients, And the husband grows for himself in another room, Is this legal? I'd like to add that I know some of you on this site understand the law a lot more then others. Some of us myself included have a hard time understanding all the legal wording. Thanks to all of you who can put it in plain English for us.
  10. We use dry ice hash in our hard candies and it works great. Plus dry ice hash is very easy to make.
  11. Might wanna try some grape seed oil in the mix to. aids in penetration.
  12. the hash gets decarboxlized while cooking the candy.
  13. We use to make candy with oil but found it to be much better with the dry ice hash. No sticky on the teeth.
  14. 128 pices of candy per batch. 15 grams per batch. I'm not good at math but I think that comes out to .117 per piece. One piece does me good for most of the day. I know people who use 5 pieces a day. And other who cant use a whole piece at a time.
  15. we make hard candy with it. we use 15 grams of dry ice hash per batch. The candy's are 1"x1/2" They work pretty well. It's a bit to much for someone who doesn't use much. I've never made dry ice hash with wet material. I always make it with dry material.
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