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  1. Thanks for the idea. I'll have to call around but just in case I'd like to get some synthenic urine so I'll be ready to test after the weekend.
  2. Thanks Kingdiamond. It comes with a heating pack and a temp strip on the bottle but I was planning on doing a trial run (using body temp alone, how long does it take to go from room temp to 98.7 range). If given 15 mins, I can swing by the house and nuke it for 10 seconds in the microwave.
  3. Started a city job a few months ago and used a visiting relative's urine to pass the pre-employment drug test. Before I left today, our supervisor called a brief meeting to tell us pot was found on the premises and random drug testing will be done sometime in the future. I will be quitting tomorrow lol.. but seriously it is too good of a job to walk away from. There is no way I'll be even close to clean in the next month or two. Since no one around me is available to donate a clean specimen, I figured I'd go buy Quick Fix 5.7 and I'd be good to go. After googling around, I've noticed th
  4. Just what I wanted to read!! Thank you for all the quick responses
  5. How hot is too hot for a grow room? Some say 85* others 90*. this week my grow room has been: 77*/ 66 rH with lights off 82*/65 rH after one hour on 89/60 rH right before the lights shut off for 12 hrs Thanks
  6. My primary physician has done my last two certs but stopped offering this service a few months ago. Figures that would have been the time to ask. The most I'm able to pay is $100. If anyone knows of a place, please let me know Happy and safe weekend y'all
  7. I wasn't even talking about the market and you didn't mention anything market-related in your posts replying to me. You did mentioned "The trouble is joe cain kept a noose..." and something about Egypt. Just let it go CaventLector. I've been here longer then 9 days unless you went by another username and I could careless who is Pro-Joe or Pro-Michael.
  8. I love a good debate but this one is like pi$$ing in the wind. Yep the dust will settle but by then we might not have our MMM act anymore
  9. I second that restlesslegs! I loved coming to this board's member to member section but now I go to straight to the grow pages. I feel sorry for the newbies on this board because it use to be really awesome. When this clusterfunk happened, a convo between actors Michael J Fox and Michael Douglas (from the movie "The American President") came to mind: Lewis Rothschild: They don't have a choice! Bob Rumson is the only one doing the talking! People want leadership, Mr. President, and in the absence of genuine leadership, they'll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want
  10. Love the new tutorial. Where would I find 4 gallons of activated carbon?
  11. I'm also a Lady in Lansing & I'd be interested in going to a few out of Lansing trips this year, maybe near the U.P. I've met some really awesome people from MMMA and bet their get-togethers would be too. Perhaps a Lansing area travel group. Since it's in the singles section I might as well mention I'm a single, straight chick but not really looking fellas (Drama free summer... lol j/k)
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