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  1. How would someone "heat treat" cannabis oil to remove the THC and leave the CBD?
  2. I've got one that consistently tests in the low 21-22% and I love it. Love the way it grows. Not finicky, responds well to prunning...LST.
  3. Check for broad mites, hemp russet mites. They are very difficult to see/ identify and can very quickly devastate a garden.
  4. I'd say 2mg. More than likely at that dose you wouldn't feel anything but.... ya never know. you can always take more. Make sure you give the method of ingestion time to work before you start adding more in!
  5. A middle man that will be required to move meds between growers and dispensaries....in armored cars I think!
  6. I love my CBD. There is not a neutralizing effect on THC for me when I smoke meds with both THC and CBD present. There does seem to be some neutralizing if I take CBD orally several hours before THC. I don't seem to get as "high" when I do that. I'd say it would be a good idea to start "low and slow" for someone not used to the effects of CBD. I absolutely love it but I know some people personally that don't like the effects at all. Makes them very anxious, figity. Although that could be strain related as it was sativa dominant.
  7. Kimchi method? Does that mean burying it?
  8. I have a friend that is successfully treating his patient (that has chrohns) with kief capsules. Its working very well for her. Raw non-decarboxylated kief. I believe she ingests it 4 times a day.
  9. I've experimenting with extraction from kief. The end product is extremely sticky and its almost impossible to get it all off of the parchment paper and tools. Am I doing something wrong? Pressing temps are around 200, using a 25 micron screen and a 300lb clamp. Seems to be ok quality wise its just very difficult to work with/collect. Thanks in advance for the input.
  10. Testing is a tool. The THC percentage is just one way to judge marijuana. Like using bodyweight to judge your fitness level. Is just one way to look at it.
  11. There are lots of high CBD low THC cannabis oils to be found. You just have to look in the right places!
  12. The clinic I had gone to for years informed me (just recently) that not only would I need proof of continuing care they had purged all of the other records! No notification, no opportunity to pick up my medical records that were a major pain in the a** for me to get, they just destroyed all of it. Thanks a lot.
  13. Beware the bugs and PM! Quarantine your new clones and make sure you have a good pest control protocal in place. Sometimes even well meaning people transfer nasty critters with their genetics.
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