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  1. Filled it, and also have been given preliminary approval from my township for a microbusiness license when they become available. Woooo Hoooo!
  2. Hi all, I have a long time patient moving out of state so I have a rare opening. Looking for someone in the Cadillac,Manistee, Traverse city area. Message me and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have. Thanks
  3. Pretty much between Cadillac and Manistee in the Harrietta area.
  4. Probably should mention that I'm located in the Northwest part of the lower. Thanks
  5. I see more and more provisioning centers popping up In NW lower mi. Was there a change in the law or some upcoming legislation that is allowing these to open?
  6. You pass a roadkilled skunk and think it smells great!!
  7. Looks like spider mite damage to me. Better look closer.
  8. I did have to send multiple times before I got a response. So keep trying if you don't get a response. I think the person that helped me was named Melissa. mrgreengene
  9. bhp-mmmpinfo@michigan.gov I had a card issue this past summer and was able to get it straightened out with this e-mail addy. Hope it still works mrgreengene
  10. I purchased the drip clean at my local grow shop. It is made by house and garden. A little goes a long way. 1/2 tsp to 5 gal of nutrient mix. I have a little under three weeks left of flower and my plants are looking great!!! I feed every watering and there is no sign of any lockout, they are lush green and packing on the flowers. I,m guessing 3 oz per plant with only 20 days or so of veg time. Currently running Pink Floyd, White Widow, Free Leonard and M-11 on a 12 plant monthly cycle. Maybe I will post some pics @ harvest time. mrgreengene
  11. I went in two weeks ago to get my re-certification from the same clinic that I had my original cert at. I had to fill out a very extensive medical history form and then I met with the Doctor. He proceeded to weigh me, take my blood pressure, and did a physical examination. It took a total of a little over an hour. So the past few days I have not been feeling well at all and I decided to go to an after hours clinic and get checked out. I filled out a very short medical history and was first seen by a nurse aid who weighed me and took my blood pressure. Shortly afterwards the Nurse practitioner came in and asked what was wrong. Turns out I have strep and the flu. So she writes me a script for some antibiotics, an anti nausea and then I ask her to give me something to help me sleep since I have had very little sleep the past three day. My wife was with me and she said maybe some Motrin 800mg would do. But instead she writes me a script for vicodin. I had not met this lady before and saw her for less than five minutes and walked out with a script for Vicodin!!!!!!! I didnt have my name sent on to a state police registry, I didn't have to let them know where I am keeping the vicodin,I didn't have to agree to a warrantless search and my primary doctor was not notified. Can you smell the stench of hypocrisy???? I sure can. I have already written my rep and told him of this and asked for a face to face meeting to discuss the proposed changes to our law. I hope you all do the same. mrgreengene
  12. Just wondering if anyone has ever used one of those electronic things to keep bugs...thrips, mites etc...out of their growroom. Did it work?
  13. Hey all, I just wanted to share something that seems to be working very well. I have been growing in Pro-mix for quite some time and have always had issues with my plants. I switched from well water to RO water and things got a little better. I get descent yield and the quality is great but the plants were telling me they could do better. I have used the full line of Fox Farm, but I now use the Dyna Grow line with the addition of the Fox Farm solubles. After doing a fair amount of reading I came to the conclusion that my girls were suffering from salt buildup in the soil. I have since begun using Drip Clean at a rate of .4ml per gal and wow what a difference!! My vegging plants went from cut/cloned to the flowering room in a month. Just a little over two weeks of vegging and they are 18-22" tall and are the healthiest plants I have ever had. Very lush and green with no abnormalities. Apparently the Drip Clean keeps the salt from building up and causing lockouts because of the ph being off. My flowering plants are looking great as well and I will let you know what kind of difference it makes in yield as well as if the taste and quality are the same. Hope this helps those who may be struggling with Promix type soils. It sure is working for me!! MrGreenGene
  14. A bb gun is considered a firearm in the state of Michigan, if it is capable of firing a pellet.
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