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  1. Hey guys, Shining here, thought Id drop a line to let everyone know that the pictures I took at the rally are now up under my gallery. I was bummed out I didnt get more the rain made it real hard to do that.. and we didnt stay long after at the Loft so forgive me lol.. BUT it is something.. I only ask that if you recognize someone in the pics please (unless its ok with all involved) dont put names n such under any comments.. and i hope i dont anger anyone since i couldnt get everyones permission to photograph them.. so if you happen to be in a shot terribly sorry. Photography is one o
  2. Awesome Mayor thank you sooo much for what your doing to get the word heard.. and all the people representin.. its beyond amazing and cannot give you enough kudos.. was totally supprised to see me in a trailer or at all for that matter lmao peace and love Brother, cant wait to watch it, you should throw a big party somewhere for its first showing to a bunch of people make it an event!!!! woo hoo we try n make it for sure take care Shining
  3. Hello Brothers and Sisters, I Will begin with this.. forgive me if what I have to say next offends anyone, not intended, however it needs to be brought to peoples attention what OD and I noticed. During the hulla baloo of figuring out our bus peoples schedules and time demands, bouncing around meeting people, seeing old friends, medicating etc.. there came a point just before we had to leave where OD and I heard Silver reading her speech.. We hadnt seen her get on stage or know she was readin her speech. There was no communication on that whatso ever.. But one thing very easily noticed
  4. THIS IS A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.. what this does for me is help give me - hope. Sadly most of the teens, young adults and those from my generation - the one they called Generation X - just dont give a dam. Cant say I blame them since we are fed only what they want so essentially we are blind sheep wandering around.. even blind sheep have to adapt to survival from the wolf! A Favorite saying of mine is from Sir Thomas Moores Utopia that fits how things are ran in this society.. which is, "For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from
  5. OD and I were talking about this situation... Ive said from the start get Jen up on Skype and video feed her to a Projector screen so she can still tell her story.. I guess this should have been thought of for many different reasons for those who werent able to make it whose story needs to be heard... anyways, it would be amazing if we could MAKE a way for them to be heard..set up a time for these women to get online and speak..or video tape them quickly beforehand and play it AT the rally.... The only other option we can think of and offer is our home today or tonight.. for someone with a
  6. I completely second that motion.. I couldnt bring myself to watch.. i know it will only bring anger to my heart and tears to my eyes.. theres already enough of that.. this is sickening.. but to be expected.. its no different then Custers men ripping newborns from Native mothers arms and bashing in their skulls upon a tree or shooting elders and women and children running for their lives -innocents.., no different then riding thru an enormous plain and for no reason at all but sheer evil intent shooting every bison that roamed and moreover not to eat or use its every part but to let it rot in t
  7. More- HUGS Thank you soo much for your kind words.. your are right as well.. its not just the old, it strikes all ages, it doesnt care the color of your skin or your social standing, it doesnt care if youve lived your life or if you havent had the chance too.. sooo many more diseases out there then ever was in history. such a scarey thought. And yet again you are right.. Love one another NOW while you have the chance because this life is set up for us to take things for granted far to easily.. and the age old saying is dead on... "you dont know what you have until its gone!"..Mom always told
  8. I have to honestly say it was only a matter of time before the animal and cannbis thread came up.. Ive been wondering myself about treats and dosing.. Our animals in not only the past yrs but recent fur kids have all "liked" being around it.. weve had dogs that practically sit on your lap while your trying to medicate.. wont leave ya alone.. we have one inparticular right now.. hes so damd hyperactive that its almost as if he knows it calms his anxiety and he can actually lie down for a while lol.. Now, we've had numerous pets die of cancer, have to be put down.. and most times we coul
  9. PB This is AMAZING!!!!! to hear!! Makes my heart sing for you..but weep for all those out there that could also benefit as such - or have a second chance to life but have no clue because of all the crap hiding these truths!!! Im still very bitter in heart and emotions over the death of one of the most important people in my life.. and with that being said I realize i cannot change the past.. but dam it i wish I had known of this 5yrs ago... even 2yrs ago.. since she died at 52yrs old in 2009... Hearing all these outcomes - ones with hope and much better then the alternatives is awesome, mind
  10. This is outraging!!! that poor man and his family!!! and no help for over an hour!!!!! sickening!!! then they try to justify it and cover it BULL CRAP!!!!! Taken them gentlemen down ill be sharing this story for sure!!!! god blesss his family!!! peace and love shining
  11. This is heart breaking to hear!! (tears) my heart and soul goes out to that mother and family!! Again no parent should have to lose their child.. but i hope that rather then become bitter from the pain that at some point she can find peace in her heart that one day she will see her child again and that its in a far better place then we are right now to be honest... bless them all peace and love shining.. ps if i had the funds id sure help but i simply dont forgive me.....
  12. Nice - glad you added in self righteous indignation lmao - My points are very true and werent all directed towards you lmao.. anyhoo.. your welcome to take my words as you please tho they were not meant as disrespectful towards you... yes I have matter of fact, even before I met my husband who is native american, one of my exs lived on one and i had the honor to meet the others who lived there as well.. I even have a friend whose family COMES from and lives still on Pine ridge.. Ive been to local michigan ones, some canadian, and some out west reservations.. My family has much respect
  13. First Ill begin with saying May the great spirit always watch over that loved one lost's family and friends GREENBUDDAH.. bless his soul for what he did for all of us.. what he gave.. But the comment you made about a person thinking the Indigenous peoples would have had enough has angered me.. If you were such a close friend with a Native then why dont you know there is far more to the story then being fed up! they like the rest of us have been feed lies and illness from the very day the white ones landed here.. Whole tribes and their cultures have been literally wiped to extintion
  14. I have many opinions on this post... All side with the fact that they are screwing us more and more and this is all part of the New World Order! Are YOU ready for it? Its on its way.. kinda ironic how after the last elections things started all over the country to fall thru rapidly.. we all knew for voting in a black democrat we'd get retaliation from the repubs..anyhoo.. this mkes me sick..they need to just have as canada has... full healthcare for all.. they pay high taxes over there but as much as we are being charged here in hiddens fees, copays, astronomical medicine costs etc.. itd balan
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