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  1. Hey guys, Shining here, thought Id drop a line to let everyone know that the pictures I took at the rally are now up under my gallery. I was bummed out I didnt get more the rain made it real hard to do that.. and we didnt stay long after at the Loft so forgive me lol.. BUT it is something.. I only ask that if you recognize someone in the pics please (unless its ok with all involved) dont put names n such under any comments.. and i hope i dont anger anyone since i couldnt get everyones permission to photograph them.. so if you happen to be in a shot terribly sorry. Photography is one of my passions and loves, I hope to hear back from people in what they think but please i dont need any negative comments.. so as the phrase goes "if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all!" Peace love and hope you enjoy! oh yes side note - I wanted to arrange them in order but this program does not allow me too.. only allows by comment, date upload etc... here are a couple to get ya going
  2. Awesome Mayor thank you sooo much for what your doing to get the word heard.. and all the people representin.. its beyond amazing and cannot give you enough kudos.. was totally supprised to see me in a trailer or at all for that matter lmao peace and love Brother, cant wait to watch it, you should throw a big party somewhere for its first showing to a bunch of people make it an event!!!! woo hoo we try n make it for sure take care Shining
  3. Hello Brothers and Sisters, I Will begin with this.. forgive me if what I have to say next offends anyone, not intended, however it needs to be brought to peoples attention what OD and I noticed. During the hulla baloo of figuring out our bus peoples schedules and time demands, bouncing around meeting people, seeing old friends, medicating etc.. there came a point just before we had to leave where OD and I heard Silver reading her speech.. We hadnt seen her get on stage or know she was readin her speech. There was no communication on that whatso ever.. But one thing very easily noticed was I could barely hear the woman! I made a comment Immediately to OD "no ones listening to her, all talking over her, loud music etc." Even towards her end when she raised her voice and let it ring out so loud one couldnt imagine it coming from such a frail dear, even then looking around only a fraction had heard her or responded!! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT FOLKS????!!! Now Folks, Listen... Many got the chance to speak out on the steps, people listened quieted down to hear the stories, but Silver upon request wanted to be left unseen. Cant blame her. But when her chance was given to read aloud her words. NO ONE GAVE HER THE COMMON RESPECT TO SHUT THEIR MOUTHS FOR EVEN 5 MINUTES AND HEAR WHAT SHE HAD TO SAY! Not hear it - we all heard it - but no one was truly "Listening"! I found it disrespectful and disheartening. Especially since she is just like the rest of the patients heard, she traveled from the UP after not knowing for soo long if she could make it health reasons and such, won the damd contest for crying out loud and no one could step up and say "hey yall, Please give Silver the same respect as you did the others and keep quiet as she shares with us her heartfelt words." Im sure we all could have spared our onversations long enough for her words to be shared. No one went into the med room and said, "quiet yall, silver blue is getting ready to read her speech she was afraid to show her face to the masses BUT HER STORY HER WORDS NEEDS TO BE HEARD ! Anyone wanting to join in the respect of support for her please take a moment and join us in the other room!" No one turned down the music nuthing.. What makes me the most angry is by the time it dawned on us what was going on our bus people were tracking us all down to round us up to leave.. OD and I looked around couldnt find Blueberry, or Mike Komorn or anyone HEAD enough to step up and quiet people down for her, and tho i thought ofdoing it I backed down because i didnt want to be seen as being disrespectful but i wanted to yell over everyone including SB HEY YALL QUIET LET THE WOMAN TALK AND LET US LISTEN WE OWE HER THAT! and i certainly didnt want to go up and take the only mike she was using or interrupt her in any way... maybe i should have said screw my feelings and grew some balls and did it anyway, after all after everyone knew why im sure theyd have understood and i just may have but i didnt want to walk all the way home to emmet co either... So I will stand up first SilverBlue and tell you this my dear, I know in past postings we havent seen quite eye to eye, and thats our rights as individuals, But one thing we DO have in common Sister is that we are connected in this. In this medicine - in this fight! And I commend you for your strength to make it down to the rally, for your beautiful words you did write! And with that being said, I want to still stand up and be the first to say IM SORRY YOU HAD TO BE SUBJECTED TO THAT! People should have been far more considerate when it came to that.. Anyone else care to notice what OD and I had??? Please from now on Brothers and Sisters let us always fall silent to our many warriors words when they are spoken outloud to all.. calm your mouths, conversations, drinks and whatever you must to take the time out for them. We expect the same for each of us why not APPLY IT! We are compassionate people - Who ever set her up on stage should have taken the time and thought to quiet all for her.. God bless Silver, I dont know if anyone else will apologize or even recognize the wrong that was done, but at least i know ive humbly come to ask your forgivness in our ignorances... Peace love and with all sincerity and respect - Shining
  4. THIS IS A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.. what this does for me is help give me - hope. Sadly most of the teens, young adults and those from my generation - the one they called Generation X - just dont give a dam. Cant say I blame them since we are fed only what they want so essentially we are blind sheep wandering around.. even blind sheep have to adapt to survival from the wolf! A Favorite saying of mine is from Sir Thomas Moores Utopia that fits how things are ran in this society.. which is, "For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them." Sir Thomas More, Utopia, Book 1 English author, courtier, humanist, & saint (1478 - 1535) So its only natural to not care because all you can care about is whats directly happening to you..easy.. most ive spoken to dont even VOTE!!! Even tho they can.. Ive lit out on them with lectures as to what the hell are they thinking lol.. crazy thing was and is I was just like that at one point! lmao.. yup nieve, uneducated to how much affect they really do have on each and every one of us and just how bad its gotten.. and continues.. But the snapping point.. becoming a parent! Nothing slapped me harder in the face and reality then anything else ever in my life.. Im still trying to stand back up fully and walk without falling lol.. But such is the challenge.. But that moment of wait.. I see now that nothing can be done without numbers.. I spent my newfound years of opening up to what they do.. hated granholm, bush, the war, the conspiracies then came DB Snyder and his Rep boiz, lauching MI esp into devistating despair! and every other detail in between.. the more i learn the angrier i get.. And when I see the mass majority of people not careing.. from youth on up - it makes me sick.. it makes me sick i was one of them.. sitting back not caring allows them to slip restrictions upon us in the quiet, knowing we wont do a dam thing about it.. thinking we cant do anything about it... Everything Ive ever learned that they DID teach us in school is the truths and casualites yets VICTORIES behind Historys toughest fights against tyranny such as the Revolutionary war, Civil war, Womens suffragests, even alcohol prohibition, and every event inbetween and beyond.. american people standingTOGETHER against the injustices by a select few.. I mean cmon how we thought this wouldnt return again was ignorance on all our parts.. Nothing gets accomplished unless numbers back it.. and for numbers you must have dreams, passions, truth, justice, and most importantly of all EDUCATION! the youth - they are our future.. to see them not care scares me.. when I am old and unable to do much on my own they will be coming into this worlds society head on, now if they havent cared to the point where will we be? Too see the hope of some out there that do and actively are working for the BETTER!! oh how overjoying to see... Want to seee MOOOORREEE!!!! lol
  5. OD and I were talking about this situation... Ive said from the start get Jen up on Skype and video feed her to a Projector screen so she can still tell her story.. I guess this should have been thought of for many different reasons for those who werent able to make it whose story needs to be heard... anyways, it would be amazing if we could MAKE a way for them to be heard..set up a time for these women to get online and speak..or video tape them quickly beforehand and play it AT the rally.... The only other option we can think of and offer is our home today or tonight.. for someone with a camera and the Ladies to come over and speak their stories on video for the rally, this way they dont have to be excluded due to the stupid probation and regulations set on jen and barbies new job... this should not hinder the masses from hearing their stories.. i know lots of people who are going there for support who are not associated with the MMMA - with this in mind im sure there are many more and those people need to hear of these other people's stories.. these are just ideas i know its sooo soon 2 days.. but im sure with the computer geniuses we know and everyone else in between who knows of this stuff that this could be a snap really with the right setup and equipment.. maybe network to our brothers and sisters and see if we can make this reality for these women.. being one myself i give them my heart for what they are being put thru.. i wouldnt want it to be me and our family.. this needs to be heard even their voices...thanks guys thought id throw it out there.. itd be a nice gesture as well if we could all pull it off to show more people we will go and continue to that extra mile for our fellow people.. because essentially they are just like us.. peace and love.. Shining and OD
  6. I completely second that motion.. I couldnt bring myself to watch.. i know it will only bring anger to my heart and tears to my eyes.. theres already enough of that.. this is sickening.. but to be expected.. its no different then Custers men ripping newborns from Native mothers arms and bashing in their skulls upon a tree or shooting elders and women and children running for their lives -innocents.., no different then riding thru an enormous plain and for no reason at all but sheer evil intent shooting every bison that roamed and moreover not to eat or use its every part but to let it rot in the heat of the day! By the thousands! No different from the Nazi's and the holocost they did in their belief of a higher more supreme cleansed society!..The slave days and the immense cruelty in such .. this has been as barbaric is it gets from the dawn of time.. its the evil that lies within us all - but there are some that are so weak that they succumb to it.. let it rule over them.. And sadly it seems those are the ones who intend to rule over us - UNLESS we stop them dead in their tracks.. None of this should be done.. I know id probably get myself in more trouble if they did something horrific as such to my dog ever let alone in front of my children.. I hesitate to think on the power that kind of anger and hurt could bring upon a person.. as Topshelf said im afraid of what id become if they did that to my dog.. you got that right!!! i pray of a utopian society where we the people means something... peace and love Shining
  7. More- HUGS Thank you soo much for your kind words.. your are right as well.. its not just the old, it strikes all ages, it doesnt care the color of your skin or your social standing, it doesnt care if youve lived your life or if you havent had the chance too.. sooo many more diseases out there then ever was in history. such a scarey thought. And yet again you are right.. Love one another NOW while you have the chance because this life is set up for us to take things for granted far to easily.. and the age old saying is dead on... "you dont know what you have until its gone!"..Mom always told me Id regret my actions when she finally did pass on, she told me for years warned me to smarten up.. did i?.. nope it was tooo easy to allow lifes mundane ways of wworking for anothers profit and going by day to day then to step back a bit and TRULY SEE the bigger picture.. its too easy to shove it to the back of your mind because it makes you sick in the pit of your stomach to think of..denial.. then when they fade and are no longer there.. you stand there gasping for air not being able to take anything in. your right.. time is too short and can end at any moment of any day... never go to bed angry, always patch up fallings out best you can, always tell those closest to you how you feel about them, that you love them.. because you dont want to find yourself in my shoes.. suffering the horror of the consuming regret that overshadows all within due to ignorance, denial, stubbornness and all else that falls into this catagory.. ( dont think oh theyll be there oh ill see them tomorrow - will they? what if tomorrow never comes?) that pain added to the pain of loss is honestly something i dont wish on my worst enemy.. Id rather cut open my skin - watch myself bleed and feel that immense physical pain then the horror within and even then that physical pain only touches the edge of the inner.. No dont allow that to happen.. take a moment to watch your child play when they arent looking hold and hug them every moment of every day and even if it gets exhausting tell them how much you lov e them soo often that it may get abnoxious! but its worth it.. tell your spouse the same.. any loved one.. this goes with animals as well.. we know we get close to ev en them.. they too are family andd they too suffer as we and die as we.. tho death is very much a part of life, and is important.. its the most difficult thing to ever go thru.. ever.. and its too easy to take life and all thats good in it for granted.. tears tears and more tears,,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks again soo much MORE sending another set of hugs your way.. maybe we can meet up in lansing on the 25th we will be there.... peace and love always SHining
  8. I have to honestly say it was only a matter of time before the animal and cannbis thread came up.. Ive been wondering myself about treats and dosing.. Our animals in not only the past yrs but recent fur kids have all "liked" being around it.. weve had dogs that practically sit on your lap while your trying to medicate.. wont leave ya alone.. we have one inparticular right now.. hes so damd hyperactive that its almost as if he knows it calms his anxiety and he can actually lie down for a while lol.. Now, we've had numerous pets die of cancer, have to be put down.. and most times we could not afford the astronomical vet bills to not only diagnose that it WAS cancer (despite the apparent tumors) but to then treat it.. thousands of dollars later... So it honestly stands to reason that if this medicine is helpful to humans its only ignorance and uneducation that leads others to think it cruel and inhumane to administer to animals.. Realistically id rather them naturals then the synthetics and essentially you wont have to spend thousands for drugs and tests etc.. we love our animals but they make it just as difficult to care for them as it is to care for ourselves..esp with health care and essentially is f'ed up.. And really it only takes someone or a few someones with the proper knowledge of chemistry and measurments corrosponding with varied weights and metabolisms to come up with a proper formula to administer the proper amount of meds for the animal.. its no different from the very ways they do it with synthetics.. go by weight b reak it down and viola.. NOW its finding those people with the knowledges and abilities to figure this out and spread the info to others.. anyone know of anyone willing to research this? would be well worth it.. after all most our animals ar just other members of the family.. contrary to some of the cold and pathetic people in this world that simply dont care about animals.. I could name names but anyone who read all the above comments can decipher a few of whom im talking about... Also i realize that its generally known that choclate is bad for dogs.. ive heard that since i can remember.. but its ironic that every single dog weve ever owned be it as a kid growing up, other family members, and even those upon living on my own have always had chocolate (within moderation) and never onc e have we had any problems.. Ive even had dogs steal candy stashes and eat the whole bag of choclates wrappers and all and still be fine.. These are various breeds, various sizes and most all of them lived to old ages.. and by old im talking about into the 14-18 yrs old ranges.. So contrary to popular belief.. I dont follow that rule personally! but its your choice.. Its funny too cuz OD wanted to kill my cat quite a few times in the past for eating "girls" she had no buisness near!!!! lmao... yupp chonk chonk chonk trust me - wasnt happy-- however flip side shes never gotten ill, she didnt get all messed up nothing... so this cruel and inhumane to animals is a load a BIG LOAD!!!! This is a good posting.,.. hope to hear more about what people think and recommend.. And im sure the more doors that open to study of this medicine the more knowledge we will one day recieve on even the animal forefront.. If anyone gets the scientific formula down to dosages and weight etc please pass along... its ignorant to think there isnt one... it just hasnt been found yet im sure peace and love to all including our fur, feathered and scaled friends.. Shining
  9. PB This is AMAZING!!!!! to hear!! Makes my heart sing for you..but weep for all those out there that could also benefit as such - or have a second chance to life but have no clue because of all the crap hiding these truths!!! Im still very bitter in heart and emotions over the death of one of the most important people in my life.. and with that being said I realize i cannot change the past.. but dam it i wish I had known of this 5yrs ago... even 2yrs ago.. since she died at 52yrs old in 2009... Hearing all these outcomes - ones with hope and much better then the alternatives is awesome, mind boggling yet heartbreaking for those who have no clue and still suffer to this day.. when clearly there is something that CAN help out there.. I wish I could turn back time.. Maybe my children could still have their grandma, maybe my youngest could have remembered her more, maybe I could still have a mom... god only knows that despite the dysfunctional relationship we had there are many times even now at my age I still need my mom... and the closest thing i can do now is look to the stars with tears streaking my cheeks talking out loud hoping she will hear... tumors took her over, cancer, thyroid, lymphnodes sizes of eggs, radiation didnt help.. lungs too poor for surgery, on oxygen, her pain ... her pain was always misunderstood.. and i dam myself every day for being a part of the problem myself.. oh mom its not that bad.. you can do it.. just get up and make yourself better.. nieve, ignorant stupidity on my part and all those of us who didnt understand or who wouldnt understand.. and now in death reality is more evident then ever.. which is why i believe with my entire heart MOM was the one who led us here.. led us into the right path to know this movement.. how ironic it was that we didnt know anything of it except a few news stories here n there until after her death.. then it was like doors all over opened.. it was just the matter of being clear enough to see them... an still im blinded by much.. tooo many are.... hatred.. anger frusteration regret still harbors in my soul.. if i had known maybe i could have helped her pain instead of adding to it... ;*(((( it overjoys me to hear that despite those lost in the fight of this life... there are equally as many who are being given a chance that they never thought theyd have... thank god and the great spirit for that!!! Peace and Love PB - -- God bless and am sooooooooooooooo overjoyed to hear cancer free!!!! what a demonic disease cancer is... its taken more of my loved ones from me in my life then anything else has.. from human to pet... heart breaking.. and sad... and since its said to be genetic also and it runs in both sides of my family everything from lung, bone, thyroid, lymphatic, and there were 2 other kinds but cant remember them right now.. im afraid that that illness may be my demise as well.. i pray every day it wont be.. but.. reality tends to overrule.. least now i know.. should worse case scenario ever come.. there are other options of hope.. Shining
  10. This is outraging!!! that poor man and his family!!! and no help for over an hour!!!!! sickening!!! then they try to justify it and cover it BULL CRAP!!!!! Taken them gentlemen down ill be sharing this story for sure!!!! god blesss his family!!! peace and love shining
  11. This is heart breaking to hear!! (tears) my heart and soul goes out to that mother and family!! Again no parent should have to lose their child.. but i hope that rather then become bitter from the pain that at some point she can find peace in her heart that one day she will see her child again and that its in a far better place then we are right now to be honest... bless them all peace and love shining.. ps if i had the funds id sure help but i simply dont forgive me.....
  12. Nice - glad you added in self righteous indignation lmao - My points are very true and werent all directed towards you lmao.. anyhoo.. your welcome to take my words as you please tho they were not meant as disrespectful towards you... yes I have matter of fact, even before I met my husband who is native american, one of my exs lived on one and i had the honor to meet the others who lived there as well.. I even have a friend whose family COMES from and lives still on Pine ridge.. Ive been to local michigan ones, some canadian, and some out west reservations.. My family has much respect from many natives from many tribes, as well as having great connectedness and close relations to many various medicine men and women as well as elders.. - not that this matters but there is your answer to your stated question Have a great day Peace and Love .... Shining... And next time sweety dont take things the wrong way Im sorry im a very opinionated person, it does take some getting used to.. Ask OD he'll tell ya first hand lmao that it throws me off as a bit** but well.. i am what I am and trust me love if my anger was meant towards you youd know it! But i have no reason to be angry by you, except for what i thought was a simple uneducated comment.. and rather then anger me it just upset me.. lol..after all its just a computer and words anger isnt really worth it.. Besides i try not to let that side go farther then simple debates. lol Peace and love yet again lol shining have a good day!
  13. First Ill begin with saying May the great spirit always watch over that loved one lost's family and friends GREENBUDDAH.. bless his soul for what he did for all of us.. what he gave.. But the comment you made about a person thinking the Indigenous peoples would have had enough has angered me.. If you were such a close friend with a Native then why dont you know there is far more to the story then being fed up! they like the rest of us have been feed lies and illness from the very day the white ones landed here.. Whole tribes and their cultures have been literally wiped to extintion because of white mans so called "progress for better of all." These people have lost their beliefs, religions, families, homes, sacred lands, food sources, medicinal sources, theyve lost everything literally.. they clutch at what little has been secretly saved.. Have you ever been to a REAL rez? Have you ever seen the oppression first hand? It will pull at every ounce of soul you possess if you care enough.. They tried to uprise, they fought hard and all the history books tell of what they have suffered. and even then the damd history books dont tell the truth of the reality of all that was done.. How about the children ripped from their families sent to schools "for the better" to be beaten, hair cut, made to wear restricting clothes, some never saw their families again, beaten when they spoke of their language, renamed, raped, abused horrifically the list goes on... How about how if there was even a simple rumor about Natives "uprising" ie in the tellings of the Spirit shirts of the Sioux, or the battle of Sand creek where simple bullcrap Media lies brought down a storm of military to massacre all elders women and children that resided there.. You would think they would be sick of it.. wouldnt you.. How about there is a Black history month, cinco de mayo, st patricks day blah blah blah but how many of you know when is Native American month??? Hmmm can anyone honestly tellme? You hear the hispanics this and black that and how oppressed they are and have been and boy they need equality tooo.. well ive never disputed that.. however what i dispute is the fact how ironic that these people from other countries again get more help then those whose country and land this was BEFORE ANY OF US EVER CAME OVER whose easily forgotten.. the oppression, the small poxs, the massacres, the fire water and guns, the everything that was done to them... did you know to this very day the govt STILL holds sway over many of the tribes KEEPING them in oppression over money and land rights esp. Did you know the reason why they want the sacred land in the black hills isnt just for the gold but for the uranium that lies beneath it.. did you know there are still murders and hells going on this very moment due to it.. i mean stand up.. theyve tried and look what has been done.. and those who would have stood up still to this day hae been assimilated into this now white society and its way of thinking that even the young have lost who they were. Or how their grandparents or great grandparents lost everything.. They still face unprecidented stereotyping and evils to this very day and you wonder why they havent stood up... They stand up and have from the very beginning.. and theyve been blown up or blown down! in a matter of 300yrs thousands of years of culture and history and belief have pretty much been wipped clean! And you say youd think theyd be sick of it!!!! WE WE ARE AND HAVE BEEN SINCE 1492!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most sad part are the apples.. ever heard of the term "Apple?" Thats a Native who is red on the outside in skin but as white as ever in thinking and feeling inside. There are alot out there and it isnt entirely their faults its what this society has FORCED them to become.. And alot of our elders have been forced to think white and yes these elders are more then likely saying this because the feds still hold sway over them and their rules.. Remember just because we cannot see it being done doesnt mean its not happening at this very moment somewhere..Our govt sees fit to run all our lives.. what makes me sick is after hundreds of years of fighting against them and now having nothing more then (in the great scheme of life) a "handful" of tribes left, few beliefs and teachings from the ol days.. and not much more to live for.. the land is pretty well gone, sold, or ripped up... our religions have been eradicated and we have been made to conform.. and the more we uprise the worse it gets.. its not that easy.. So tho i agree with you in your feelings about that.. you must realize the govt has made it this way.. I still stand firm in saying its messed up when every other culture in the world has the reognition as they do but our family the TRUE people of this land barely gets heard of and when they due its usually associated with alcohol or fire water That white man brought as barter for land and women and goods (ie resources they could make profit off of) So essentially those dirty drunk indians should be seen as oh those poor brothers and sisters whove been POISENED by white mans water and ways!!! Its sad the elders feel this way and would rather alcohol on thier rez's then god given herb.. but look thru the story its the FEDS that are regulating all that... simple as that... Sad things have to be like that.. Im white.. Have Native Blood in the lines we have names and dates and my grandfather looked screamin native.. but you ask those questions or imply such it was told to us to shut our mouths.. to be quiet and such an abomination to have such in our family lines! To prove how bad it was not just in our family but in others as ive learned my aunt even delved into family geneology yrs ago.. the more she found the more family members we didnt know existed came out of the wood work with interests and documents came up missing.. cmon this is how society made these people have to live their lives! Assimilate and conform or die in oppression and even in assimilation there is oppression.. one begins to think if death is better then this crap allowed to be done in this life! But Im more proud of my little known native roots then I am of the other side who saw no wrong in treating a people as such.. it does not make me proud to admit I am white..(even tho i realize i cannot generalize ALL white people into the same catagory and those who did do this and who do think like this because i realize not all are the same!) id love to see all of us against all these hells grow KAHUNAS and stand against them.. yeah there will be casualities.. but there has been since the dawn of time.. And in conclusion and finally Ill touch the fact that Green is right in how certain tribes run.. Beyond our govt they have govts and political systems of their own.. and yes sadly if the ones in the higher standings are corrupted by others or this society the rest do suffer the very same.. but think of it back in the day their societies were so strong, and fit so well that in many tribes they didnt have to KILL others during war time and fights.. spats.. some tribes used counting coux (to just touch the warrior or preferably the leader with their stick) to gain respect.. they had peace within themselves and for thousands of years their means of govt and ruling and laws worked closely with the mother earth and all her creatures without harm on them or others and they successfuly maintained a vibrant and rich culture in doing so.. with great family and spiritual ties.. ever hear the old saying, "it takes a tribe to raise a child"? And so it had.. everyone was family and everyone pitched in.. Now lets step to the other side.. look at the white mans way of thinking profit off of everything land food water and even blood, greed and power corrupt the soul more easily, there must only be one religion and if you dont believe in it well your damd, lets cut down trees to build housing thats unneeded lets dig out mothers life blood in the form of oil and disregard the hemp plant a god given plant that can sustain all issues at hand because DUPONT and a few others who make synthetics cant lose the money.. cmon... who are the REAL SAVAGES!!?? In white mans society families have lost their value and morels, work is more important then self, family or beliefs.. working for others.. id rather live back in the day primitive then now with the technologies we have created which will inevitably be Humans demise.. yeah, youd think the Natives would be fed up now wouldnt ya! Guess what! We have been!! Peace and love shining....
  14. I have many opinions on this post... All side with the fact that they are screwing us more and more and this is all part of the New World Order! Are YOU ready for it? Its on its way.. kinda ironic how after the last elections things started all over the country to fall thru rapidly.. we all knew for voting in a black democrat we'd get retaliation from the repubs..anyhoo.. this mkes me sick..they need to just have as canada has... full healthcare for all.. they pay high taxes over there but as much as we are being charged here in hiddens fees, copays, astronomical medicine costs etc.. itd balance itself off if we did.. And lets stop giving free healthcare and free everything without taxes to immigrants!!! Then maybe the rest of us could have a chance.. Hell imma about ready to tan myself dark, move to mexico for a season become a citizen move back to america as an immigrant and get more help then then i was as an american citizen.. hell ill even cross the rio grande naked... cmon now.. all immigrants from any country get the same and its pathetic... lets change that as well... as for the person stateing this "slackers, misfits and malcontents" Are you calling my father a vet from NAM who spent 30+yrs in General Motors to be forced out to retire or lose all he had worked for a slacker misfit or malcontent because he was forced into looking toward the state for help when my mother was dieing of cancer and copd and was on medicaid?.. are you calling my two young children by the same names beause in this day and age noteveryone has the luxury to afford educaton or find a GOOD job thats not outsourcing their work or bringing workers in out of country (have you ever been to mackinac island?? take a look around -there are more forigeners there then Native American indians whose sacred land that used to be! I was there for mothers day.. jamaicans have already come from homeland, austrians all over and others with accents i cant even without asking them recognize! this is just a SIMPLE example) So since my family has had to reach out for even a little bit of help from the system we are degenerates, slackers, malcontents... id love to pop you in the face.. like i wanted to when my DHS caseworker told me over the phone when i was wondering why they cut my case and that of our childrens when there was a lay off.. (according to them we made more money on lay off then we did while working) anyhoo... she told me over the phone without ever meeting me.. and i quote "Well according to the numbers on the computer there are worse off families then yours that need the help and money more then you!" Scuse me!!!?????? you have no idea how i wanted to rearrange her functioning body parts!... or at least watch her bleed from missing teeth.. who do people like that think they are? JUDGING ME AND MY FAMILY! without knowing what we go thru, the odds we fight for and against every day just to survive let alone survive for the children.. get real! But on the flip side i do agree with the fact that there are too many on the system that hve sucked it dry and made it where when good self respecting people need help due to the failing and falling economy we are not only denied, or given help thats really not worth it. For an example with one person in the home working and one recieveing unemployment as a family of 4 a month is only 275bucks food.. medicaid spenddown for the person working is 80bucks the one not working is 253bucks a month to go see a dr or get their medicine!!! now explain that!!! These are good hard working family oriented people just struggling to get by.. how about another family i know who just had a baby both parents work fast food but still arent making ends meet.. their spenddown for her case is 735 a month for medicaid!!! A young adult family doing their best to survive with their newborn child and that.. and dont get me started on the amount they are allowed for food.. PUKE PUKE makes me gag! yet i can go down to grand rapids my old running turf and find any numbers of garbage getting everything paid for.. my father gets sooo sick of seeing immigrants who cant speak a lick of english getting their cars, homes, food, clothing, schooling, daycare, JOBS etc for free from us tax paying citizens and when he tried to get help for his 18yr daughter who just had a baby needs a little bit of help they DENY HER because since she had no where else to stay she moved back on with dad. A nd since shes residing with him for the time being according to DHS he makes to much money in his measly pension (that has nothing to do with her) for the state to ok HER assistance.. are you kidding me!!!?? so lets get started on whose malcontents, slackers etc... but dont generalize US ALL INTO A SINGLE GROUP!!! You are generalizing the entire whole into a group of idiots whove screwed it all up for those who do need help.. your doing the very thngs this whole MMMA movement is against.. We arent all slackers degenerates malcontents because we need help.. and when we have to jump thru hoops to get even a little bit of help and get treated like crap in doing so while others not even a part of this country gets scot free and tax free everything its nothing short of pure BS or to put it a little cleaner like my dad always says thats "BULL HOCKEY!!" THIS COUNTRY IS A JOKE! THE WAY ITS BEING RAN IS A JOKE!!! YOU CLOSED MINDED PEOPLE WHO ALLOW IT TO CONTINUE THIS WAY IS A JOKE! AND I CANT WAIT UNTIL EITHER AMERICANS GROW SOME BALLS AND UPRISE AGAINST THESE INJUSTICES ON ALL FRONTS LIKE THEY HAD IN THE PAST OR UNTIL EARTH AND HER CREATOR HAS HAD ENOUGH AND ABOLISHES THE WORST PARASITE EVER CREATED!!! HUMAN RACE! dont agree with my opinions oh well... this is another freedom i stand for.. freedom of speech Peace and Love always Shining...
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