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  1. Bennymac, try a coco grow kinda like soil not as messy it's hydroponic growing! add your own nutrients & additives. ph hydro 5.8 to 6.2 banging stuff. canna coco coil is the best Imo.
  2. hay sry been real busy i still have your cut put up shes getting big, you ready for tomorrow?

  3. Blockhead clones in soil or ez clone, for trade (clone) or donation, wayne county area, pm me if interested.
  4. ok swaps cool ill txt you tomorrow or call early-ish

  5. Hay pic I have this clone Ready for you, what do you want me to do with it?

  6. Dang michigan weather. is it winter or spring?

  7. Dang michigan weather. is it winter or spring?

  8. good Morning all happy 2nd day of spring, let see if we can break 20* today lol

  9. "My cat knocked EZ Cloner to cement floor" things are heavy when full, must of been a huge cat.lol (tiger)
  10. G00d Day Everyone. cheers

  11. yes just put 3 up in my Gallery called Blockhead in flower. very dense tri covered colas 8 week finisher, cheers
  12. medi420grow

    clone 3.jpg

    From the album: clones

  13. medi420grow


  14. clones p2p "Blockhead" PM if interested, southwest Mi,

  15. DONATION $11.99 Blockhead clones available to patient (p2p) must have mmmp- paperwork/card with I.D to match paperwork needs 23 days with check stub or money order showing cashed. area all of downriver. PM me for more info. thanks medi420. p.s medium pro mix bx 16 oz dixie cups, pics available upon request.
  16. Blueberry medication yummm

  17. chicodogis I need some clones??

  18. 1 additive veg- superthrive bloom- b-52 any hormone is good
  19. I need some clones PM me if you can help out, thanks :)

  20. Looking for many different strains, come on folks post what you have for donation, wayne county area. I will have Blockhead on here for donation in a few weeks . cheers
  21. hay i seen a post were you have had the purple kush cut, still got it?

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