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  1. Safety on the job? I buried a friend back in December 2004 right before his Birthday, Christmas and his sons birth. I work for a good sized non union construction company I wish that I could afford to stand up for my rights like some of the union construction workers I know do. If I stand up for my rights at work I would not have a job.
  2. evidence of efficacy! I have tried almost every anti depressant/anxiety drug and adhd drug and been through withdrawals twice. I would like to ask the panel to give me something that works.
  3. you are not alone in your suffering with the same problems. I have tried almost all of the anxiety/depression drugs for 13 years now. Been through withdraws twice and none of the drugs worked that great or the side effects were way to bad. The Ritalin type of drugs are working for me but do kill the apatite. I have lost 30 lbs since taking Ritalin and have been thinking about trying for a card but I fear drug testing and job loss. I can say that for me certain strains of marijuana have worked better than any pill I have ever taken(long time ago before my wife and kids). I was really excited
  4. First I will say I am all for Marijuana legalization. I am waiting for anxiety/depression/Add to be allowed. I want to know how much will the state/counties spend of our tax money fighting legal medical marijuana. Money they spend on raids, bans, court fees, and money to be paid to people who will sue state and local government.
  5. Has anyone submitted a petition for new conditions?
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