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  1. to the original poster: He's right about the rules and it really sux to hunt for genetics but I suggest you do the paperwork to get the clones from him. It's really the strain you want. He's legit. Its worth the little effort to maintain legality for the person providing it to you.
  2. I'd say something about wanting to see this happen in Michigan but I'm sure that LEO wouldn't like to see me say that; so I won't I will however start planning for lots and lots of hikes through the woods in the spring
  3. also we have a page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alpena-Cannabis-Club/534996436594216 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007035433837&hc_location=stream we need some likes and friends so i can spread the word around northern michigan.
  4. yup. please add us. We have a club house north of alpena but it needs floor work before I can let the public in. Since we don't have a formal location just yet, I'll be posting specific meeting locations around Alpena until the clubhouse is done. If we can find a local carpenter who works for 420 it may be sooner than later. alpenacannabisclub@gmail.com if anyone wants to contact for more info. thanks
  5. Its officially starting today. I am going to be starting meetings in Alpena as of tonight. I have been agonizing over it and don't want to wait any longer. No time like the present. We will start with a coffee talk and see how it develops. I know it's last minute notice so i don't really expect much of a showing today but this is going to be a regular thing. Maybe every other week or as often as the community needs. We will start very informally and I will just answer any questions people have on the Michigan Marijuana laws/patient application process or growing marijuana. We will also be
  6. Would love to but she has no resources, or probably energy, for that type of fight. I agree it is a terrible thing to send her cold turkey but they don't seem to care...
  7. lame doctors...

  8. Hi all, I am a caregiver in NE MI. My patient is a family member who suffers from severe rheumatoid and osteo forms of arthritis. She was just informed that she will be completely cut off from her prescribed opiate pain killers of 20 years since she was discovered to be a cardholding MMJ patient. They refuse to treat her pain while she is using MMJ. If anyone knows of a MMJ friendly doc in NE MI (who takes MI State health insurance) we would love to hear about it. For now we have decided the right way to go is off the pain meds and stick to the MMJ if at all possible. We are loo
  9. adding patient in NE MI

  10. Basically the same as using alcohol or other liquid solvents. I usually leave the plant material out in a dry place until it is super dried out in order to decarboxylate. I grind it up into a powder and then put it in olive oil in a covered dark glass bottle. You have to let the plant matter soak in it for a while and then strain out the solids using a very fine screen (i only use stainless steel mesh). I like to keep mine in a warm dark place for a few weeks before I strain it out. You have to squeeze it in order to get most it to drip out of the plant material. It helps to have it warm
  11. sorry for the old thread necro here but this subject is near and dear to me... I'd also like to advocate for vegetable oils (olive, canola etc..) or apple cider vinegar as the solvent base for making a tincture since mixing alcohol and narcotics can be devastating for the body; especially the liver.
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