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    Northeast Michigan Compassion Club, serving the Iosco and Alcona Counties! 989-278-9129
    I enjoy helping people, I think everyone should voice their opinion and to stand up for what they believe in. I am the Director of the Ne Mi Compassion Club, and owner of Utilized Space. Always willing to assist!!!
  1. Eat the cannabis, use it as a topical for pain rellief. Have a muffin, or a mint!!! Many ways to use this in the most beneficial way per person. Good Luck
  2. It seems they are actually getting some of the cards out on time Sent out- June 26th Card Received-July 17th on card Issued date- July 12th Expires August 2013
  3. I really really hope CO can do it, and I think they will!!!!!
  4. Has he not gotten ahold of you? I have given him your info, and pointed the way. I have not heard anything more from them, So I do not know what they are doing. Thank You thank you I will again pass on the info! PEace Bethany
  5. Thank You guys, sorry it took me longer to see the Pm's. My notifications were turned off so I didnt see it until I read your comment here. I guess the Judge is retiring this year, and has been acting accordingly with a lot of his judgements!
  6. Thank you! We are working to make that happen! The first thing I said was get a better lawyer that has the time to travel to Iosco County. It seems none of the locals want to stand up for his rights! This just came to my attention and gave a few numbers, anyother suggestions of somewhat local defenders..
  7. A young father that changed his life when his daugher was born is not allowed to see her due to being in foster care. About 9 months ago, the mother of the child ran-away with her to another part of the state. We will call Dad 'Ray". Ray called Friend of the Court and the police to get his daugter back from the mother that was doing drugs. After what seemed like forever, they found her and the kids and removed the kids from her custody due to her lack of care and use of meth. Giving the kids to her grandmother as a foster parent. Ray, who had his back hurt in an automobile accident, has stopped taking pills due to the addiction level, and stomach problems, he felt already at such a young age. He got legal, and started eating Medical Marijuana in place of those pills that was causing him stomach problems. He moved in with his parents so he could have/proove a more stable home for his daughter. CPS was happy with the home and family and said he had to pass a drug test. When it came back with Marijuana in the system, they said that it was good that he had his card, that they couldnt do anything about it since it was legal. BUT Judge Hamilton of Iosco County thinks otherwise. He refuses to allow Ray, or his parents, to see or even talk to his daughter. Judge Hamilton said, as long as he has it in his system, legally through this Medical crap or not, he will not see his child. Told him he had to pass 2 tests within 30 days, which Ray told him wouldnt be possible, but the Judge ignored him but said he could take all the pills he wanted to that were prescribed to him, but he wasnt gonna let him see his daugher while he sat around and smoked pot! Ray tried to explain that its not about smoking it, and that the pill were making him worse, yet he needed something for pain! The biggest thing is, at least to me, is that He did nothing wrong in the situation but leave the mother when she was born due to her drug abuse. The mother made bad choices, yet the dad lost his rights to his daughter for her lack of care. Dad comes to me asking "How can I get my daughter back? What should I do? Say? I really dont want to take that bunny muffin again, but my body wont let me not have something for the pain? Who can I talk to?? " Im reaching out to my community to help my other communtiy! Anyone know someone, or a ruling that was already in place that says something different? This is been going on far toooo Long! Please let me know, Thanks!!!
  8. Well I think that sometimes its the Anti's on the other side of those crude words, they want us bickering, they want us mad at eachother and not to support one another! We have to be better then that, we all have our opinions and we need to step backk sometimes and realize that even tho the way of getting there maybe different, but the goal is all the same! We need to help eachother, teach eachother and spread this wonderful plant information as far as we can! More people need to know the benefits! THanks for the post, I hope this finds people and that everyone can just take a breath and realize we alll need to stand as one!!!! I also hope that the Supreme Court Ruling will help the ones that got scared, and maybe they will come out from under their Rocks again! Peace
  9. Im so glad that they are upholding the law and not schuettes power trippin opinions!!! Now we have 2 more decisions and hopefully they are both Good! P to P is up next.... If that is cleared, game on for card holders!
  10. I see both sides, but I do see a lot of people that still want to be legal, yet it is sooooo Dangerous!! I dont agree with hiding and dont think it should go back underground! Which soooo many have alreaddy done.. People up here are sick, people everywhere, and Cannabis has cured and is helping thousands!!! We need to get it off schedual one, as a Leader, I give facts and let people make their own choices, but this is sooo serious that I cant being scared being in the lime light anymore! But I will continue to educate and help people learn and get legal, until I cant! or they stop me, momentarily....ugg the frustation! This country is not DemOcracy, we Dont have a voice, because they dont listen anyways, Michigan is at a complete Dictatorship, and nothin we do or vote will change that because we let them do it for tooo long and now we are so confined by all these laws that you cant even say God Bless You without getting Sued~! So God Bless and Peace to all and I pray that Cannabis will prove to cure cancer, with all the radiation coming our way, Im not giving it up!
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