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  1. so long as they are seperate entities and locked its ok? for example, one cg1 could have his plants locked in the basement, cg2 has his plants locked up in the garage.
  2. Just wondering on this. Whats an average like compensation that caregivers receive from their patients in return for medicine. 300/ounce? 150/ounce? Free??
  3. So under state law, a caregiver must simply keeps his plants in a "locked and secure facility, accessible only by to caregiver". So in theory, and under 'state law' one could have multiple, separately locked facilities for separate caregivers all in the same main building. Now under certain city ordinances such as Lansing state that only 1 caregiver is allowed per residence, and no non-residential properties may be used by caregivers. Since this is a city ordinance, I'm sure things are different in other cities. Do any cities allow multiple caregivers in the same building?
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