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  1. She is starting to show flowers! Now the fun begins! She is not as stretchy as I would expect a 90% Sativa to be the structure seems nice. I gave her some organic AACT (actively aerated compost tea) and put some bone meal , guano, kelp, ground oyster shell, and feather meal spikes during transplant for later when the roots find them. I am still getting the hang of organics, my last crop I starved quite a bit. But with the teas, and spikes I think I will be good!
  2. Things have been rough lately.. I got root aphids in the hydro system really bad , they completly shut me down. After trying everything under the sun to get rid of them I had to trash the whole thing... A complete nightmare.... But I am rid of it now. I have a new grow up and running now, I am doing organics for awhile, it kind of sucks. 1/3 of the yield for 10 times the labor. But I can adjust, as the quality is equal to or greater than my hydro system. I managed to save one of the MTFs she just went into flower. She got the hurtin put on her but she is coming back now!
  3. leave them be they will be OK. only remove is more than 50 percent of the leaf is destroyed. in the case of buds only cut out burnef stuff. do not remove an entire bud
  4. I never run out of coffee! Hell I just went to Burning Man with my coffee pot. I probably gave away 50 cups of coffee. I might even the volunteer my home for such an event.
  5. Fantastic. Thank you, this is why I love this site. Lets all try to follow this example, and help those in need. This is what this site should really be about.
  6. Looking real nice trix. Thanks for sharing. What kind of soil and nutrients are you using?
  7. Thank you to all of our men and women in uniform. It is because of people like you that we can aspire to be free and persue that which makes us happy.
  8. Thats the stuff!and let's not forget make sure your plates and tags are current, and have proof of insurance.
  9. ... keep it civil guys, stay on topic. suggesting that other members should kill themselves will not be tolerated. back to the topic at hand... be safe and smart out there on the roads this holiday weekend folks. keep your meds locked up, and know your limits. Be safe and be well... that goes for all of you.
  10. that may be caused by high ph Get a ph reading and maybe give her some calcium and magneisium.
  11. Tarzan! Great to see you! We sure do miss you around here.and I happen to agree with Tarzan and Green Buddha. We are all very grateful for the all the people that have been fighting for us. Thanks guys and don't let this BS get you down. They cannot keep us down, and demonize us forever.
  12. Very impressive for 8 days.
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