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  1. Any statistic can be skewed. IMHO if legalization came up for a nation wide vote - it would pass by a narrow margin.
  2. Sure - but in the EU they are also outlawing airport body scanners - while here they sre purchasing more.
  3. It will take the public outcry to keep Ron Paul in. Since the "establishment" does not support his personal stance on many items because it makes them accountable, they will do all they can to keep him off of the ballot.
  4. I do not have Crohn's but, after losing 3 feet of my colon 3 1/2 years ago and a few surgeries for adhesions and scars tissue; I am left with many of the same symptoms. There is a strain out there called Phat and Fruity and for me, certainly helps with some of the nausea and spams that can occur.
  5. What would be the rationale for any given patient, who is content taking care of themselves 100% without issue; to become a caregiver? I understand the concept and structure, I am trying to grasp reason and motivation.
  6. IMHO, I think we should all show our support for this Senator by flooding him with positive calls, letters and e mails. It should not go unnoticed in this community since it is one of the first that I am aware of to publicly support of the MMMA.
  7. We need petitions for Macomb and Oakland county - Also need to have this question answered I'm just checking but it says: "General Instructions · Each petition is one sheet, printed front and back, with a sequential number and a union print shop stamp. · DO NOT make any copies of the petitions." So where do we get the forms with sequential numbers? weeddeservebetter.com/2011/09/10/instruc...neral-bill-schuette/
  8. Just wait - his latest move, as I heard on Fox2 Detroit last night is to invite the Feds into Michigan to try and end the MMM Act.
  9. “Michigan law makes clear that driving with drugs in your system is illegal,” Schuette said. “Allowing anyone to do so puts the lives of our families and friends unnecessarily in jeopardy.” So, in order to be fair, every driver who is stopped must be checked for drugs. If they are not, this is an extreme violation of civil rights. For this to be applied even handed, ever driver who tests positive for any drug, especially pharmaceuticals that have strict warnings against operating machinery and even over the counter drugs must also face the same penalty he would seek to impose upon legal,
  10. There must be farther reaching plans than just a gathering on the 25th if indeed this is the case and speed is of the essence.
  11. It does take a super majority to amend this law. It is our best interest if each of us would it down and hand write a short note opposing it's passage. E mails are fine - phone calls and hand written notes show the person who made the effort sincerely cares enough to expend time, effort and money to get their message to them.
  12. Ron Paul wanted to perform an audit of the Federal Reserve long before the "bailout" ponzi scheme. He is still a politician and ties to some questionable supporters.
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