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  1. I have been re-amending and re-using the same 10 bags of Roots Organic soil for almost 2 years, so i would give them a thumbs up.
  2. My guess is that it isn't really The Ultimate strain. The name is what tipped me off.
  3. That Bright Moments looks tasty! Does it smell like grape?
  4. There are some really incredible solventless concentrates being made right now. It aint your daddy's old bubble hash.
  5. Nice! The Grape Stomper crosses look sick.
  6. To me, those flowers look like they are on the cusp of ripeness. I would continue to flush until more of the leaves yellow out, and the calyxes swell a little more. My guesstimate would be about another 5 - 7 days until perfection.
  7. Thanks for the heads up! If all goes as planned I will finally get to pop a few GG seeds!
  8. Howdy Wild Bill, glad to hear that you are feeling better dude!
  9. My thought as well. If you are within the bounds of the law, there is nothing to be nervous about.
  10. Have heard great things about their seeds, but missed the past few drops on Attitude. The one that I really want is Sacrificial Lamb (Lambsbread x Inferno Haze)
  11. Does it taste / smell like bananas? What is the lineage on it? Indica?
  12. Sorry to hear that you had to go through all that hassle. Sounds like it turned out in the best case scenario though, so lets be thankful for that! If you need anything just holla.
  13. I have had mine going for about 9 months. Started with 100 red wigglers. Now there must be a few thousand. I do the veggie scraps and ground egg shells + all of my fan leaves and branches and a fresh layer of shredded paper bag every now and then. Nothing like fresh castings as a tea innoculant. Hoping to eventualy make enough to supplement my soil mix.
  14. Great smell, flavor, yield, potency, and medicinal benefit + it's a very vigorous grower. What's not to love?
  15. Kyle Kushman has some nice pics of the Denver CCup winning GSC plants on his facebook
  16. If you are looking to add a full spectrum of micronutrients to your mix throw some Azomite in there. I even use a little in my aerated teas.
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