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  1. Newlygrown

    Week Three

    I have five plants that are almost ready for flower and the clones are doing well. I moved my grow tent and added a humidifier as well as watering being cut back and plants are doing well. I also added protyk and it has done well not to let plants wilt. I love it. I am excited to star flowering but I am being patient so as to yield better and to not be impatient and flower bunny muffin up... I will keep posting so that I can see what I do and track my success and failures.
  2. BTW, Plants are doing great!!! All I needed was some humidity and less watering!!! Thank you to all who posted...
  3. Bought a cool mist humidifier and have installed it, we will wait and see... Also bought some ProTekt by Dyna and will administer today...
  4. Anyone have suggestions on how to increase humidity? My humidifier I use in my home adds heat as well and I have been stable at 77 degrees F for two weeks and don't want to add heat.
  5. @stopgo-There are a few yellowing leaves out of a dozen clones but nothing out of the ordinary. Thoughts? @Wolfgama- stopped watering and bought a soil gauge that digitally reads level of saturation, keeping between 3-4 @Foxman711 and Kingdiamond- No nuts for the first week due to using Fox Farm And Happy Frog. You think two weeks? @Amish4gangja- I will look for the product, thanks for the word...I am keeping the light 3 feet above in a 4x4 grow tent. LongHairBri-Thanks for the input...
  6. I thought of that and have slowed down the water.
  7. I brought home some clones from a respected source and I did well with the first five that are still in VEG. The second batch of three Sour Diesel and Three GDP are doing very bad. I'd hate to lose them and as a new grower I am concerned I did something wrong. I am using organic NUTS but only on the first batch of Bubblegum and Kush as thre SD's and GDPs's are on their first week of fox farm and hapy frog mix soil. Maybe transplant shock? I have watered with Reverse Osmosis water as I have salt water tanks and have a system in the basement already. Humidity is steady at 25-35% and temp of 75-79 degrees dropping to about 67 at light cycle off. Any advicve for a newbie? Just vegging now but have a room set up for flowering. I am using a 1000 watt MH bulb on the veg and two 1000 HPS bulbs for flowering come next week which will be week four for the Bubblegum.
  8. Newlygrown

    Sour Diesel

    Week two of my Sour Diesel died...I thought my GDP was in trouble but it is still alive. I don't know what happened but I need to post for some advice... I might want to go back to my original clone guy...
  9. Newlygrown

    Week Two

    So I got a few clones from a local respected organization and I brought home the clones, transplanted them and they are doing great! I have started nuts on their week two as I started out with a mix of farm fox and happy frog soil. I have them in a 1000 MH reflective hood and a 4x4 tent at 18-6 light cycle timed. I check them twice a day and I am pleased. I also however bought clones elsewhere and while they are rooted well, after transplant I have noticed them start to wilt. I am discouraged that the new clones of different strains are not doing as well. My research shows that it may be transplant shock as I have been watering and managing well otherwise. I am following instructions from the Cervantes manual to the tee. I have had a few die and returned them to the place of purchase (they are great about that!) and I have received a few new ones. They are struggling but hopefully will pick back up in a few days. I have started this as a means to keeping track of my success and failure to see where I went wrong and to learn from where I went right. I watered yesterday and gave nuts to the older ones as well. The newly transplanted ones I have not added nuts to as they soil is rich in nutrients as is. GDP, I hope you pull out...
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