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  1. while visiting washigton state this summer i bought off the shelf 1 oz vacuum bagged galaxy kush for 89$ tested at 22%thc that was a dispensary on first ave........ i could grow for myself but am too paranoid of thieves hence the CG who knows this is a MICHIGAN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM and without the patient there would be no caregiver and no livelihood for them- so my freebies are not really free considering licensing fees etc etc and as a true CG with heart i applaud him and am indebted to their kindness -Aloha sorry others have to pay for my overages
  2. some of us get free monthly meds from our CG's (1oz)-and that's why we are happy and never go into dispensaries nor ever have to-the math is easy 12 plants per patient figure 4 oz per plant(very modest 114gms dried per plant) every 3 months you do the math (36oz- dried minimum )-smart CGs Honest CGs consider it an honor to be MMMCG's- and the cost to grow is $60 per 1000 HPS watt light for energy cost plus soil and nutes ventilation cooling -about 100$ a month for all needs per light and 8 plants per 1000 w light................even 100$ on the open market and most CGS are eating well-peeps
  3. thanks for al the warm advice all points taken...... btw pics are sitting in a lawyers office in case something were to have happened to me (you gotta be smart these days) Furthermore- if CGs can record everything with hidden cameras to keep foul play at bay why cant a patient take pics when the CG is Purposely Breaking the law out of choice and hurting patients with Fouled meds? they were warned 20 times past thursday that what they were doing was bordering criminal negligence to the patients, dishonest, karmically terrible, and at times plainly against the law. i tried really hard to get
  4. Lots of dry air during the night cycle. usually when the lights go out there is a big jump in humidity and the plants are still perspiring even to the amount you can find them dripping (i have seen this) on each other! warm dry air during dark cycle with lots and lots of air circulation usually will keep the mold at bay-mold spores are everywhere good liuck
  5. a lot of CGs use neem...i can always tell by the taste and smell i found out back in 2011 that NEEM will shrink the Testes in Lab Rats just passing that Info along to those who care http://jms.org.br/PDF/v26n1a13.pdf http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23353547 Both Medical Study Articles are revealing- we are what we eat............................... Aloha
  6. Neem is Natural but Shrinks the Testes in Males...................... i wouldnt want that http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23353547 http://jms.org.br/PDF/v26n1a13.pdf here are Just Two examples usually there are other solutions usually involving more Labor or destroying tainted crops... i am a Master Gardener from Seattle i learned years ago from friends, trial, error, and common sense, that just because its considered Organic by some does not mean it is good for us to consume............
  7. There Would Be No Caregivers Unless it was For the Patients. this is a patient movement...not a CG's Movement! thats whay its called the MMMP not the MMMCG! all i have seen is greed since they closed down FM in jackson... i have not seen meds from my CG in almost 8 months! he royally screwed up his grows with poisons bugs and fungus after they were taught to do things properly they tried to do things on the cheap to maximize profits from selling into the black market and i have Pictures of it all!! i all my suggestions were ignored or derided as i was villinized by CG to the other patients un
  8. Sounds Like a Phishing Expedition........................ to make more criminals on paper it sounds like
  9. Fuk That! that is some BS! straight up suspension of 2008 law and puts all the $$$ and power into their hands.................................NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if one cannot grow for themselves it is not really legalized is it????????????????????????
  10. well now a week later... because of the number of overwhelming responses of love and compassion on this site i am now forced to BUY my MEDS from the BLACK MARKET good ol Mexi brick weed-can still find for 125 a OZ say hello to All the Nasty stuff in my new stash/meds wooohoooooooooooooooo! at least with all the Mexican gang activity here in Holland MI i am Guaranteed a cheap almost UN-interruptable supply of Schwag...Thanks 3ma for everything!
  11. Yes excellent Advice, i Concur
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