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  1. I found it very easy to quit smoking.... and it was only someone saying only 3 lil words... You have cancer...
  2. I found a easy way to kick the habit... doc said it was cancer, I quit... its been almost 2 years now...
  3. standing in corner for a time out My bad.... I miss read about the hippy thing.. thought you were trashin em, being one myself I get tired of it... guess I better slow down on what my cg gives me.... sigh
  4. IMHO I believe that it all started with the tv show cops...bad boys come for you.... The show glorified beating up people... peace
  5. Would like to meet, but it all depends on the time and health..
  6. Hanging in there brother... lol
  7. I have discovered the joys of chemo brain, at first I didn't realize what was going on, I thought it was the grief of just losing my furry son, but now that I understand what causes it I can deal with it
  8. I turn 61 tomorrow, Time sure flew by fast, I got cancer and have a chemo treatment tomorrow and lost my dog of 10 years this month, but I got a lot of herb to try yet so gonna hang around for another 20 years..
  9. I feel your pain, its like I have always told people, there is very few on the planet that will love you like a dog will they become your best friend and the trusted keeper of your secrets. We have a doctors appointment for our lil guy today, they believe he has cancer so doing the tests to find out..
  10. And how is that got to do with anything, its all over the net on how to do it. Oil helps a lot of people. If someone is too stupid to follow the instructions on how to make it ya want to blame everyone. Sounds like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed...
  11. dont have to give up anything, I would see about getting windows 7, its more user friendly than windows 8 but If I remember right they are doing an update with win8 and putting the start button back... lol
  12. jointedone You might want to check this out http://news.yahoo.com/u-government-advises-using-alternatives-microsoft-internet-explorer-133750375--sector.html
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