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  1. FYI These seeds are now IN STOCK and ready to transfer to MI patients.
  2. With the next OG Raskal Drop only days away there is ONE place in MI to pre order your Raskal White Fire or Raskal White S1 packs. Visit PotentGenetics.com for details or email us at MImeds@hushmail.com. Act now, these seeds are coming to Michigan, dont be left out!!! We are now accepting pre-orders on OGR Gear as follows White Fire $$$ per pack White S-1's $$$ per pack Please see the attached form for instructions. Act now, seeds may drop as soon as this weekend. Once they drop the ordering will cease. CONTACT THIS MEMBER VIA PM FOR DONATION COSTS (Mod edit no pric
  3. We transfer both fem and reg seeds. All breeders/growers will say there own things about the pro and cons. Two facts: 1. If not grown optimally fem seeds have a high hermaphrodite rate than reg seeds. 2. If you want to select your own pheno/geno type(s) from certain crosses you will be more successful with reg seeds. (I have been told that fem seeds are similar to clones in the fact that they carry genes from the only parent. Unlike regular seeds that have two parents thus natural selection can be seen in the millions of genetic variation found our heavenly plant.
  4. thats awesome, thanks for the pic bro!
  5. Ganja, Didn't really want to make this thread about us or our services. (We have paid, and put up ads but a moderator keeps deleting them, quitetone is on it and will get our ads back up asap) In the mean time I thought we should let some less fortunate people gain some knowledge about the infamous breeder we have right in our own circle. I am really surprised at how many people in MI don't know about the man we call Mota... So I thought dedicating a thread to talk about his gear, his service to our cause, and his rich history breeding some finest meds in the world right here in Mic
  6. www.potentgenetics.com is currently under construction so please be patient...Should be up soon. (Late April / Early May) Currently in stock: MotaRebel Genetics (All Gear listed Below) Dropping in early summer: OG RASKAL SEEDS, Mark Castle Seeds Dropping in the future: Hazeman Seeds (Strain list coming Soon) Email us at MImeds@hushmail.com for more details. Seeds will only be transferred to MI MM or Medical Marijuana patients, registration with the State of Michigan Health Department will be verified. MotaRebel Genetics IN STOCK: (TEN SEEDS PER PACK – Unless stated oth
  7. Does anyone out there have any info to share on the great MotaRebel Genetics? Mota is a MI man and has been breeding the goods for over 20 years...If anyone has had experience with Mota's gear or has any stories please share them here!!!
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