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  1. Sorry the lighting was funky , both plants are in healthy condition .
  2. Hello to all that are following this blog and this bubba brawl . so far in the last week the Green Thumb plant has been growing faster than the green house . I'll be looking for roots to show out of the bottom soon . Here are a few pics .
  3. jettskee

    bud porn

  4. Its great to see the interest in the project and i will be keeping this updated for about four months so everyone can see from clones to meds step by step coke vs. pepsi kind of thing . Thank you for the education and minor background on the banks .new pics to come .
  5. jettskee


    Dr. green thumb clone
  6. jettskee


    the green house clone of B K
  7. jettskee


    this room will be full in time .
  8. I have my new room in it's first stage of operation and among my babies i have 1 clone from DR. green thumb and one clone from Greenhouse seed banks . They will be under the same light, same soil and same water conditions throughout there life cycle. I am marking today at 12pm the start of the cycle and will be posting pics throughout the cycle . I would love to hear any and all feed back comments and questions .
  9. jettskee


    wish i still had this one
  10. jettskee


    mery X-mas
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