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  1. I wouldn't suggest growing outside....highly illegal.
  2. Hello I am a caregiver in Lake Orion and am currently looking for a new drama-free patient. I will deliver for a small extra charge if needed. I do not provide any free medicine but rather I get reimbursed for my growing cost at a very small rate. Grown Hydroponically and flushed for 10 days. Also available butter and hash. Please personal message me because you cannot leave info on open forums. Pic is just harvested and as big as my buddys head lol
  3. Medical Marijuana Company Leaves Oakland County, MI Joe | Sep 18, 2011 | Comments 4 share this storyShare23 Smoke Signal e-Newsletter Submit this story In an economy that struggles to keep its head above water, a medical marijuana company – and all the economic impact it brings – has been forced to move its operation out of Oakland County, Michigan. Big Daddy’s Management Group has closed its headquarters in Oak Park, MI, taking a dozen employees and several businesses with them. The move is due to the hostile stance taken toward medical marijuana by the county, which l
  4. I have a question.... If they change the scheduling of mj to schedule 2 would private caregivers be able to grow and supply patients. I thought if anything is schedule 2 it is pharmacuetical so you would need a pharmacist to distribute the medicine. So all a dispensary would have to do is hire a pharmacist. no big deal imo they rip people off and charge way to much anyway. But wouldn't this totally eliminates private caregivers able to grow and distribute to patients behind closed doors. groweing would be a completely different scenario (no patient growers) . also since i am also a patie
  5. I loved it aswell. It was nice to just get out and scream a little And yes I wanted to punch that guy but didnt look twice because we have to look organized in he eyes of the john q public. just seen the news only caught the last second of the rally but that guy was on there and someone told him he has his values and we have ours. nicely said.
  7. Thanks for all the help you folks are great!!! I have been using 29% h2o2 and then pondzyme as of lately. I am pretty sure that the pondzyme is the same thing as hygrozyme but cheaper and concentrated. http://www.tokecity.com/forums/showthread.php4?t=23718 This all stemmed from adding gognats in my res. It coated my roots,choked my plants, half burnt up and everything else has had this root rot since i got it to come back. My temps are 70-72 now. I really think you are onto something with lowering the res levels. It makes sense to beef up o2. So has anyone added hygrozy
  8. Yes I do add calmag. I will flush and add fresh nutes tonight because I thought it looked like calcium too but with other people not using cal-mag i thought i may be overdoing it with 5ml/gal. Yes I use r/o too. This isnt really giving me anyproblems but root rot has. I got it and have not been able to get rid of it. PITA!! I add h202 to water every few days but just lingers there waiting for another slip up. I miss having bright white roots. I have been trying pond zyme seems to have helped but not a solution.
  9. it may have gotten 80 or 85 max when i was doing some vent work about a week or two ago but i dont think thats it.
  10. Is in a dwc tote gh lucas. About to flush and see if that helps tonight. I always monitor my ph start at 5.5 and let climb to 6.0 before adjusting back to 5.5
  11. Well i thought it was just a gnat or two also but i was inspecting all the roots and i found fungus gnat larvae in one of the root balls. ...so i freaked out and went and got the pesticide....then almost killed all 40 of my babys. I think i found the root of my problem after doing all this too. My r/o water res is two 60 gallon drums. The hose to the pump hangs out and goes back in leaving a small crack in the lid. I think this is where they originated from. What is safe to add to my clean water res to make sure bugs dont get in there. I put up hot shots pest strips today and hope they work
  12. THANKS ALOT Toadinacan. I am using bubble totes and mixed it into them individually. I am going to add some peroxide asap to break down anything that is still in there. I flushed them and emptied the totes, sprayed the roots offf and flushed them more. i have quarter strength nutes in there rite now. I will post pics later.
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