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  1. I thought Kim Campbell made an interesting statement at the end of this video. In 2010 when prop 19 failed to go through in California, it was the many dispensary owners and medical marijuana profiteers who were against the bill because of the money they stood to lose. Now, President Obama raids Oaksterdam and many other dispensaries. Maybe that's Obama's way of nudging medical cannabis profiteers and telling them and their states they need to vote to legalize and end all of this nonsense. Just an optimistic thought in this sea of pessimism.
  2. Did you guys know when companies like Bain Capital break up bought out companies the pension liabilities get shifted to the government? This is essentially where Romney got his wealth. The extracted value from the corporations he raids does not come from them being worth more in pieces because they can operate more efficiently that way. It comes from legal loopholes that let them push their liabilities to workers onto the taxpayers. People like Romney are the real welfare whores of society. Mitt Romney Tax Returns Released: Paid Just 13.9% Rate In 2010, Had Swiss Bank Account
  3. Mitt Romney pays lower taxes than average American Tax returns reveal Republican presidential contender paid about 15% in tax on $45m income over past two years Mitt Romney paid taxes on his multimillion-dollar income at a rate far below that of the average American, his tax returns reveal. The returns, which the Republican presidential contender had steadfastly refused to release until now, show Romney earned $45m (£29m) over the past two years and paid just $6.2m in taxes, a rate of about 15%. Most of the income was derived from investments from his $200m-plus fortune. The docum
  4. Wow nice collection ya got there! I'm currently growing those CH9 freebies and they are banging it out in veg, large bushes! But I have just recently read on other sites that there are many hermi issues once they go into flower. If I was you I would run those Mosca seeds, Emerald Triangle, and DNA seeds
  5. I actually just ordered a pack of the pre98 yesterday too, and got a ton of freebies! The cali connect mix pack is just 12 random regular seeds, they are not individually labeled. You just have to grow them out and make a guess! The could be pretty much any of the cali connect strains http://www.youtube.com/user/theattitudeseedbank#p/u/3/Fb497TdIg9c
  6. Wow disgusting!! Thanks for the eye opener! Click the link for the full report
  7. Well Dr. Bob, California's MMJ program is much more evolved than our young program. I could see similar demographics occurring here in Michigan if the movement continues to remain strong for the next 14 years, and young people can find jobs.
  8. Ohh yea 5 seeds for 2 bills sweet!
  9. I see greenthumb has the bubba kush back in stock, but too expensive for 5 fem seeds! darn!
  10. Renewal card arrived yesterday! Cash checked around 5/15/2011.
  11. An ounce a week is fairly typical in my usage.
  12. I prefer the artsy bong personally, but I think what is really selling these scientific glass bongs is more of the brand name and some great marketing. People are buying pieces just because they are blown by RooR, PHX, Illadelph etc, because these companies have strong reputations for great quality glass, where as if you purchase an artsy bong as far as you know that piece could have just been another china import like most glass is these days.
  13. Hudson Mills has some nice courses, was going to go out today but not with this snow!!!
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