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  1. you and your spouse do all your Christmas, birthday etc. gift shopping at the Garden Supply Store.
  2. I miss Bisharoo and his A/V enhancement. Wish he would post more
  3. I wondered about the name too SFC thanks for sharing what it means. I thought maybe "Super Fine Cannabis".
  4. This is the first time i saw it posted here.
  5. I don't want the officers to be able to use my address and name, to find out I'm a Medical Marihuana patient. They can't do that, to find out if someone is on Vicoden or any other meds right? It's one thing to confirm the validity of a card when presented with one. It's different, to find out the information given only a name and address.
  6. Greg in this post are you asking about the above post? It was in Charlevoix County and here's a list of judges there... don't know which one was involved in the case though. http://courts.michigan.gov/scao/services/dirs/ctdirn.asp?cono=15 Or did I get confused and there's another post with Isabella / Mecosta Co because I couldn't find it in this thread.
  7. Good idea, maybe this post could use its own thread so it's seen by more folks?
  8. I think any documents with information on our diagnosis and/or treatment, including history / physical exam, progress notes, lab, XRay or other tests, and prescription (or in this case, recommendation). Any of that is Medical, not business, records. Doctor should retain the records, since the relationship is between the Doctor and Patient; the clinic is just hosting the event.
  9. I found this http://www.aarda.org/women_and_autoimmunity.php#.T5Lkw1bqI2k.facebook (if i understand correctly) It says in this article that women's immune systems are enhanced compared to men, so they're more susceptible to autoimmune diseases. Also has ratios of how many more women than men have some of the autoimmune diseases.
  10. Cool! I'm really glad it works for you. I want to get a cut / clone too, when they become more affordable and/or easier to find. I'd love to make some budder from it.
  11. sounds to me like the bills are not coming up for vote yet, is what I think they're saying.
  12. My husband has MS, a nerve disease where the coating on the nerves is damaged so the nerve signals go into the muscles causing painful cramps / spasms. Another thing with him is, the MS apparently caused severe nerve damage in his neck / shoulder which is also causing a lot of pain. He tried some High CBD spray a couple times, and it worked really, really well. He was amazed. So I'm not sure if it would work for shingles but it sure worked for a guy with MS! Edit - also that was the Spray, he's never tried smoking or vaping high CBD meds.
  13. That's funny. In the interview he was saying stuff like, you shouldn't meddle in the doctor-patient relationship, people who aren't doctors shouldn't be telling doctors how to do their job, and if you took your car to a mechanic then you wouldn't stand there telling him how to do his job, same thing with a lawyer, they are professionals & should be treated as such. But he's a sponsor of the bill. Seems like maybe he has re-thought his position since signing on as cosponsor. ??
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