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  1. Thanks Sparkly. I will remember your Carrot Bread remedy. I have written in the health care forums as well and had a number of replies. Peace.
  2. Thanks sarazorz. I did post in the forums also and got lots of suggestions. Yeah, Prilosec is a life-saver. What did folks in olden times do, i wonder. Still, I have never liked the ideal of something interfering with normal physiological process like stomach acid pumps. I tried acupuncture once but no results. So I'm hoping that MJ will help. Peace.
  3. Thanks I_Smoke. Yeah, I'm hoping to qualify for chronic pain.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts Bisharoo. Peace to you as well, and I feel as though I am making friends already!
  5. Thanks for your feedback. I'm new to this, so will you tell me, please, what you mean by "hotel" or "mill" doctor?
  6. Yeah, GERD is horrible. No endoscopy yet. The Prilosec works, so in the interest of saving $$$, my provider just hanging with the meds. Thanks for your feedback.
  7. Thanks LongHair. Which clinics do you refer to?
  8. I'm curious whether or not chronic heartburn/GERD would be a qualifying condition (under chronic pain).
  9. Hi folks. I have suffered with chronic heartburn for 15 years or so. Currently using omeprozole (Prilosec) and am concerned about side effects in the long term. Two questions: (1) Has anyone used medical marijuana for this, and if so, how well does it work? (2) Does a diagnosis of GERD (gastro-intestinal reflux disorder) qualify for med marijuana under "chronic pain" classifications?
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