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  1. Some Christians these days, especially Right Wing Conservative Krischuns, are "pragmatic" Christians. That is, they are Christian only when it benefits them to be Christian. Donald Trump is one of the High priests of Pragmatic Christianity. When Jesus entered the temple in Jerusalem and kicked out the money changers he was making a point - the priests had abandoned God in favor of money. Donald Trump is a priest of the current crop of money worshipers. I don't think anyone can argue that Donald Trump is not a money worshiper. The entire Republican Party is based on money worship and all the Re
  2. Trump's entire campaign, from primaries to the present, has been political satire. He has made fun of everyone and everything under the sun yet they still grovel at his feet like puppies. Some of the puppies have a gnawing feeling that they have been had, but for the most part the grovelling continues. They don't even realize that they are part of a grand political satire starring Donald Trump. The great awakening will occur on November 9th, 2016. Yeah, but then again, I guess it will take longer than a day for his supporters to wake up. I think Trump is betting that they will follow him clear
  3. Well, it looks like some Republican Conservative Krischuns are loosing their enthusiasm for Trump. I can't believe that they bought into his shtick in the first place. One good thing could come out of this: The Right Wing Conservative Religious Nut Job wing of the Republican party could go down in flames. One can only hope and pray.... http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/10/why-trump-could-speed-the-death-of-the-christian-right.html
  4. I half expect Donald Trump to come out with a documentary about his experience of running for president. What else can he do to rescue this fiasco? He will be able to reclaim his good name as an entertainer and make millions while doing it. It should be highly entertaining, especially if he narrates it. I would pay to see it. Anyone else?
  5. Just another "small government" Republican showing his true colors.
  6. You are so right! Bathroom functions are a private affair! No one should be allowed to observe a member of the opposite sex relieving themselves! In fact, no member of the same sex should be able to do this either! They need to make bathrooms more private and people need to think a whole lot less about what somebody else is doing behind closed doors. People need to stop thinking about potty time! Isn't it a bit juvenile to be so concerned about what someone else is doing in the bathroom? One way to put an end to all this would be to make women clothe themselves from head to foot and wear a
  7. We used to be badass. We rioted on campus and went toe to toe with the police (before they started using firearms against us). We took over buildings and firebombed the offices of war mongers. We had real anger. Now it's the Republicans who are resorting to violence to get their way. Taking over Federal property using firearms. Standing up for a rancher who refuses to pay grazing fees and inviting in a militia to stand up to the Feds. Bombing abortion clinics and killing doctors. These are the people who used to scowl at hippies and vehemently denounce the use of violence to achieve politi
  8. Bernie is the real thing. He kind of hits me the way JFK did, but JFK was a political anomaly - a fabulously wealthy man who sincerely cared about the little guy. I fear for Bernie's life if he actually wins the nomination and makes it to the presidency. There are dark forces operating in this country (Republican ignoramuses like the Militia, etc.) who wouldn't like to have a socialist as president. The protectors have kept Obama alive for a long time though, so maybe my fears are unwarranted. Or, and here is a classic pot smokers conspiracy theory, the dark forces have told Obama to g
  9. With most everybody, it is all about money. With Republicans, and especially rich Republicans, money is an obsession.
  10. If it was up to me I wouldn't care if it was purple or green. One of my patients wants a purple strain because they "think the color is cool". Hooh boy... Anyway, I am looking at Querkle (highly recommended by Grow Goddess) and Brian Berry Cough . They are both strains done by TGA and everybody says you can't go wrong with TGA strains. It looks like it is hard to find a real purple strain that also carries a good punch and is pleasing to the olfactory senses. I will have to tell my patient that I am only going to be able to come close to their wishes on the purple part, but that the quali
  11. I am looking to find a strain that turns seriously purple under normal growing conditions. It would be nice if it smelled like grapes too. I need recommendations. Thanks.
  12. Whoa there cowboy! The Republicans control the house and senate and most of the governorship's and legislatures. Wouldn't they be more to blame for our current woes?
  13. This is an excellent example of how the Republicans, and Fox News, twist facts in order to make something that is completely harmless look as though it is a Communist Plot.
  14. The Republicans have you snookered. You believe their propaganda to your own detriment. The Republican Party is the party of business interests. They are out to make money and make money no matter the cost to the average American. To business people, workers are like cannon fodder - they are there to serve the purpose of the business owner. The Republicans spew lies and half truths in order to make the peons believe that they are on their side. I repeat: The sole reason for Republicans to exist is to make money - period. They will even stoop to misinterpreting the Bible in order to make it app
  15. If I remember correctly, the closest the country has come to collapsing in the last 50 years was under a Republican administration. And yes, the reason for the near collapse was Republican policies. I hope we don't have to rehash what those policies were, but privatization and less government control were big on the list. The last time we had a budget surplus was under a Democrat (Clinton). What is it about the Democrats that scares you?
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