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  1. ZeroCool used to be all over the forums back in the day in the Michigan sections but it looks like they’re mostly dead now. Very few people still using them.
  2. Haven’t been around here in years because I thought it was shut down. Anyone around here still running lemon cake?
  3. I'd like to see the fire alien romulan
  4. Mine stretched a good deal in flower so you might want to keep that in mind when you switch to 12/12. I think you'll be pleasanty surprised
  5. I've grown the Dinafem amnesia. It was very good and a lot fruitier than I expected. It does lean more toward the sativa side as far as the bud structure and buzz goes.
  6. I've been there a few times and there's never really anyone there. Maybe I'm just going at the wrong times? I went about two weeks ago and there were only 2 vendors. 1 of them had quality medicine and the other had some purps that looked good but when smoked was very disappointing. The most vendors I've yet to see personally was 4. I think I'm going to try to get there earlier one of these days. On the other hand, everyone there is friendly and there is a guy down there with some very good lemon cake. I also saw mrd down there one day and he had some good meds. I'd say it's worth checking out for anyone in the area, I don't know how far I'd drive to go there unless you call ahead or have a way of knowing how many vendors are there. Just my .02.
  7. Thanks, I'll probably wind up picking some up but they're reg so I can't run the for a minute. I need something for a quick hit to get things flowing again. Oh, and don't feel bad no one PMs me back either
  8. I'm going back to a perpetual so I'm in need of 4 clones to buy me some time while I pick through males and females and sort out what I want. My only criteria is that it must be potent. I might even be interested in a few fem beans depending on the strain. I only have reg seeds to trade (hence why I need the clones ) . Right off the top of my head I have Motarebel Fugu kush and Redneck Koosh, Hashplant Haze (DNA), and s.a.g.e. . I have a few other odds and ends I'll check on as well. P.S. I've been been looking for Apollo13 and C99 for what seems like ages ;-)
  9. No problem Canna, do your thing bro and if there are enough left over than I'd be happy to test a few, if not than it's all good. Thanks again
  10. Cool, thanks for the offer. I'm in metro detroit so I'm probably like 3 hours from Clare and I don't get out that way much. If something falls through with GW then maybe I'll have to make the drive your way... Thanks again
  11. Wow, that would be cool as hell . I've got a good mix of genetics and I'd be glad to give you another clone in return. I really appreciate the good gesture
  12. At least I still have some left in a jar to remember her by...
  13. Wow, that turned out great So have the other journals you've done though so keep up the good work
  14. Sounds like some killer combinations My buddy had some Plushberry a while back and that was good stuff for sure.
  15. I've used these both with fox farm OF and they both work great. I wouldn't feed until about 3-4 weeks in though with the OF since it already has a good amount of nutes in it.
  16. I've grown the shark's breath, good stuff for sure
  17. In my experience a 24-36 hour dark period before flower has helped me show buds about a week faster. I don't know about all the plant stress, abuse, etc. I never really bought into any of that but just like everything else, there are people who swear by it. I think most of the things people try to accomplish (yield, resin production, THC content) with all these snake oil type ideas are pretty much going to be strain dependant. It's going to be hard to make something go against it's genetics by stabbing a hole in the stem with a nail. If you want a better yielder or something frostier it might just be easier to change strains than applying massive amounts of stress to the plant. I do tend to believe a lot of people don't wait long enough to harvest though. Most put too much emphasis on trics and not enough on other indicators of maturity. It's almost always better to let them go a little longer IMO. Just my .02.
  18. Keep trying different strains and you'll find that some respond even better to the dwc/Lucas combo. I did a grow not too long ago and just threw in 2 Dinafem critical+ I had laying around and they grew crazy. 12oz off of one and 6oz off the other, the other plants in the room only averaged about 5 or so. This was from seed and only had about 3 1/2 weeks veg after the roots hit the water. I've also had some strains not respond very well. I've found that for yield, the strain's the name of the game. 8oz is a very nice yield though, congrats
  19. I'm along for the ride. I've liked pretty much everything I've seen that has to do with Subcool so this should definitely be a fun thread to watch
  20. If I had it to do all over again I would've started on DWC w/Lucas. There's a little more maintenance in the way of feeding everyday but there (to me) are just so many pests that can end up in your dirt and you can't see your roots so it can be really hard at first to troubleshoot if you have a problem. Plus I really like the yields with DWC, makes it worth feeding every day.
  21. PM'd Still looking for some Apollolicious or C88xC99
  22. Does anybody have any Tricloud gear laying around? Cuts maybe? Been hearing good things but there's really no way to get any that I know of besides trying to get one here. That C88xC99 sounds out of this world and so does the Apollo13, honestly I'd be into any of it I've got some random beans for trade, all solid genetics. I could normally do cuts but most of my stuff is outside right now and god knows what kind of little bugs are on there. I do have some pest free Orange Chemo indoors though I could get a cut from after I sex them out, possibly OGR Wifi as well. If anyone has any to spare just shoot me a PM
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