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  1. Hi Rob,

    I'm in Rochester, and I believe that I meet your other requirements as well.

    If you would like to talk, feel free to call me at; 248-563-0664.



  2. Hey everybody! My ask is if you are in the Rochester Hills, Rochester, or Troy areas and are a realible caregiver with a lot of growing experience and fair prices I would love to have you as my caregiver. I am a sufferer of chronic back pain and feel medical marijuana will help alleviate my pain without using dangerous opiates. Please send me a private message or an e-mail with a little bit more information about you and how I could get ahold of you if I have any questions. I look forward to creating a great "mesh" with a future caregiver. Thanks so much everyone!
  3. I am a new patient and i've been reading on how the DEA has raided several medical marijuana dispensaries in michigan. Are these places even legal and would they ask me for private information such as my SSN to become a patient of theirs? Any thoughts guys? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi guys! I am a new Medical Marijuana Patient and I am trying to figure out the healthiest way to use medical marijuana without ingesting it. I have tried using a vaporizer but I got a terrible hangover that lasted for days, I took above 3-4 strong rips so that may have been why. I hear smoking a joint is the worst for your lungs but I feel it gives the best pain relief and a better high. I'm open to everyone's suggestions and thank you all for your time!
  5. I am a Patient and my own Caregiver. Can I provide to other patients? I know I am allowed to grow up to 12 plants at a time for myself since I am a patient and my own caregiver but does this mean I could have an additional 12 plants (24 plants total) growing at one time if I were to be providing to other patients? Where is the best place to get the paperwork and read about rules of being a caregiver in this type of situation? Thanks so much guys, I appreciate your time greatly!
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